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A President Ready to Lead: Donald Trump's Foreign Trip Draws Stark Differences With Obama's

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We have certainly seen a stark contrast lately between President Barack Obama and President Donald Trump. On his first foreign trip, President Trump has been received in other parts of the world as a leader of hope—one who is needed desperately in today’s turbulent society.

His current overseas visit has offered a display that would make most Americans feel proud of our nation’s leadership and our standing in the world. President Trump fills a void that even foreign leaders have been hoping to see.

A Man of Strength

What is it that world leaders see in our president that many here in America are unable to grasp? Perhaps they discern that he is a man of strength and committed to the things that are good for the world and good for America. Perhaps they see a man who is not only willing to just be thought of as a leader, but stands ready as a leader of the free world.

He is not ashamed of the exceptionalism that God has granted America, nor is he a leader who stands ready to bow to political correctness. I suspect they see a man for what he is: a president who represents a leader of strength. They’re not looking at him through some sort of ideological lens. They’re looking at a man who says what he means and means what he says—in a New York City kind of way.

It would appear that others around the world recognize something that Americans (at least some politicians and the media) can’t seem to embrace. They recognize that great orators and articulate speakers do not make good leaders by virtue of their carefully crafted speeches—and that leadership capabilities don’t come through self-serving, narcissistic and weak ideology.

This is a president who, by Middle Eastern standards, has been received like a king. The red-carpet treatment he has received in that region should not be taken lightly; it has huge significance in that culture.

Proud to be Americans

As we look at these events, we should be proud to be Americans, as all this also signifies an acknowledgment of strength, unity, gratitude and acceptance with open arms. I would suspect that we could even see Saudi Arabia and Israel—though not likely to be overtly working together—cooperating against the common enemy of extremism for the sake of peace and security in the region.

Saudi Arabia certainly understands its oil dominance is gone and that America will play an important role in its stability—both economically and militarily. The president is being reassured that he is an ally, Saudi Arabia is looking forward to economic prosperity along with America—not apart from America.

Israel also understands the importance of rekindling a relationship with America, one of its best allies around the world. We are a country that once again will come alongside Israel in its political battles and in the defense of the country.

Whether intentionally or not, this has been a president who continues to send a message to those who wish to destroy us or our allies. This is a president the world believes will bring economic prosperity back to America—a prosperity that all can participate in, which will set the tone for economic strength throughout the world.

Reaching for Prosperity

Going forward, America will not settle for mediocrity, complacency and the status quo. America will, instead, reach for peace, prosperity and political honesty. Unfortunately, there are 500 people or so on Capitol Hill who seem to be incapable of the kind of recognition that our foreign allies are able to give.

Given this new level of leadership, I hope this Memorial Day serves as a day of remembrance to those who have served this great country and continue to serve, in both military and civilian uniforms, and those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms.

America is a country built on Judeo-Christian values, the rule of law and a Constitution that is appropriate now as it was the day our Founding Fathers drafted it. It is one that has seen an unparalleled 241 years of freedom.

God bless America. May we ever remember that our national oath is “In God we Trust.” May the Lord bless us that we would never bring shame upon our oath, our faith, our family or our fellow man.

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