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Trump’s Economic Speech a Home Run

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While the mainstream media didn’t give Donald Trump much credit, the economic plan he laid out this week at the Detroit Economic Club is exactly what we’ve been waiting for. Not only did the speech—which stirred repeated cheers from the audience—have great substance, but Trump came off as extremely “presidential.”

However, most importantly, I liked the focus he placed on the average American in his remarks. All throughout his presentation, I couldn’t help thinking: “This is someone who truly does care about the average American.”

Maybe you don’t believe that. But I do. I think Trump is aware that American workers must prosper if we have a hope of making America great again.

A Firm Footing

I came away from his talk with an overwhelming sense that his focus was firmly on the people, not himself. Sure, he will set policy and the agenda, but Trump’s business experience makes him smart enough to realize that it’s going to take the “average Joe” to fuel a turnaround. I believe he will continue looking out for these citizens so they will take ownership and feel pride once again in their country.

Security must be a part of our prosperity. A focus on American wealth, keeping that wealth here, and rebuilding the middle class are also necessary for getting our economy back on track.  Trump’s reference to the other party looking backward was extremely appropriate; any hint of continuing with the policies of the past eight years is enough to make us tremble.

One of the things that will generate some press coverage are his thoughts about a moratorium on any new federal regulations. This is a page straight out of the Reagan playbook, and one that will help instill confidence in corporate America and make a positive impact on the markets.

Sensible Tax Rates

Trump’s proposed tax reform, which will set individual brackets of 12, 15 and 33 percent; and a corporate rate of 15 percent (discounted to 10 percent for those who return overseas profits), will help jumpstart the economy. Because these brackets have been discussed in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives for a number of years, this will also help create a real working unity within the party.

 In addition, addressing trade imbalances is long overdue. Indeed, it’s one of my favorite parts of his plan. To grow the middle class, trade deals must work for the American people. Fair trade must be fair for those on Main Street so that prosperity can remain at home. Over the past 40 years, these deals have fit the needs of the Washington establishment and the private manufacturing sector, but they have offered few benefits for the average worker.

Given this picture, it is vital that we elect a president who understands the importance of happy, healthy and strong workers. In other words, making the nation strong “through the people, by the people and for the people.”

A Clear Choice

There’s a great deal more that I like about this economic proposal—and the contrast it offers to Hillary Clinton’s plans. The difference is like night and day.

With a President Clinton, we can envision an ever-expanding federal government, more social meddling, increased legislative intrusiveness and more failed attempts to grow our economy.

What we will wind up with will be further government control, more people drawing government assistance—and increasingly dependent on the dole—and a society where the rich and political elites get richer.

Too bad for the rest of us.


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