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Over the centuries, all of the kingdoms and empires of the world have failed. And many for similar reasons.

America—whether by accident or design—was poised to avoid that fate. But to benefit themselves, today’s race-baiting, un-American liberal elites have undone our shining city on a hill. Headlines about race dominate the mainstream news cycle, as the left-wing media insists on dividing us into racial categories.


Liberal elites are dragging us into ruin, but it’s not too late to reverse the tide. Across history and empires, a society's cultural, economic, and political elites consolidate power, inevitably leading to more and more dissent bubbling up among those who feel cut out. The defining culture of a nation—espoused, though over time rarely practiced, by its successful elites—is slowly lost by those from within and without, who seek benefits without assimilation into the culture that created what they seek. Nations that fail to reinforce their core culture, fail to assimilate new generations, and fail to create opportunity beyond established elites will ultimately fall.

Americans built America, and plenty want what America has to offer, but far too many aren’t willing to respect our society or the rules that built it. It’s not just seemingly endless waves of new immigrants (like my own family)—lured by limitless government handouts instead of the opportunity to assimilate and succeed on merit—but also younger generations, who are spared the struggles of the past that created the culture they now benefit from.

For centuries, America solved this problem, if imperfectly. Boundless resources, an open frontier, and self-motivated, free-market capitalism made the “melting pot” work. Individual liberty, free enterprise, and socioeconomic mobility allowed our social experiment to survive and thrive. (Legal) immigration worked because Americans new and old bought into a system of shared values. Each spice added a unique flavor, but only to enrich the entire soup. And generation after generation benefited more and more as a result.


In recent years, the American experiment hasn’t so much failed—Democrats broke it. Even before the Obama administration, the politics of diversity—which perverted our melting pot—took on greater and greater importance with each passing year. Conned by the radical Left, we went from appreciating the spice to demanding its stardom—showcasing idiosyncratic diversity as the be-all and end-all. Diversity supplanted the likes of freedom and liberty to become the defining character trait of America’s liberal elites.

Why? Money, power, and revenge. Either supporting or appeasing the victimhood agenda, U.S. companies have lined the pockets of race-hustlers and underwritten the “Black Lives Matter” movement in excess of $10 billion. Corporate trainings denounced white Americans as “the problem” in society, while the same, Marxist propaganda made its way into high schools.

America now sits at an unprecedented crossroads. As millions of illegal immigrants flood across the U.S.-Mexico border, our immigration system is in shambles. The rule of law is being ignored by politicians who believe in open borders. Assimilation is no longer an expectation, let alone a requirement, for those who seek to share in the benefits derived from our culture. We are now going the way of every failed nation before us.

However, we can still fix it. Those of us—conservatives, libertarians, and moderate Democrats—who believe in American values must come together and take on our common enemy: The radical Left. We need to stop treating those who broke America as anything other than frauds and hustlers, motivated by money, power, and revenge.


And it’s already starting, as we saw in the “red wave” that recently swept through New Jersey and Virginia. In those states, voters stood up for freedom and liberty, rejecting the Democrats and their union allies who have undermined childhood education long before the onset of COVID-19. They rejected the liberal media’s obsession with race, reinstating individual liberty, free enterprise, and socioeconomic mobility as the values of America—not surface-level diversity.

November was only the beginning. The Biden administration is stumbling under the weight of a resurgent America, which is fed up with the pathetic paternalism central to left-wing politics. Americans are yearning to breathe free—no more COVID-19 panic, no more endless government overreach. They want to see border security—no more cash rewards for illegal immigrants in the name of “diversity.”

At barely 40 percent, President Biden’s approval rating is already lower than Barack Obama’s and Bill Clinton’s were before their disastrous 2010 and 1994 midterms, respectively. (Even the liberal media grudgingly admits as much.) It is underwater in every single battleground state—every single one.

America may be teetering on the edge of being broken, but it can be remade in the elections to come. Speak out against the radical Left. Condemn the “woke” frauds and hustlers. And, for the love of God, vote in 2022.


Dan Backer is a veteran campaign counsel, having served more than 100 candidates and PACs, including two of the largest pro-Trump super PACs. He is a member of Chalmers & Adams LLC, a political law and litigation firm.

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