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Violent crime is increasing in America thanks to Democrat politicians placing political correctness (thou shall not offend the black man) above maintaining law and order in our country’s cities. Yes, the Ferguson effect has come home to roost. Thanks to the unarmed black-teen myth, police officers aren’t doing their job, for fear of being indicted.


From riots and looting in Ferguson, Missouri to Baltimore, Maryland, the message on high from President Barack Obama and former Attorney General Eric Holder is clear. It’s never the black man’s fault, and police officers across the country better stand down. According to our nation’s first black president and his political handmaidens, like members of the Congressional Black Caucus and Al Sharpton, blacks are never to blame for any crime they attempt or commit, and all police officers are racist. (In 2014, murders of police officers increased 89% from 27 to 51; but blue lives don’t make the news.)

Well, criminals in predominately black cities across the country have received the message that they’ve been “given room to destroy.” The following is a tally of the uptick in violence over the past year in a sampling of cities across the country, as reported by the Wall Street Journal.

Atlanta: Murders increased 32%.

Baltimore: Gun violence jumped 60% in 2015 compared to 2014. May turned out to be the deadliest month of crime in Baltimore in over 40 years with 43 people killed. In a city whose population is over 60% black, the people who are harmed most are blacks.

Chicago: Shootings increased 24% while homicides jumped by 17%.

Los Angeles: Shootings and other violent crime increased 25%.

Milwaukee: Homicides increased by 180%.


New York: Shootings soared 500% in East Harlem. Murders increased in the city by 13% and gun violence 7%.

St. Louis: Shootings increased 39%; robberies jumped 43% and homicides 29%.

A Democrat Mayor governs every single one of these cities.

Black Americans and liberals know the names of Michael Brown, Freddie Gray, Eric Garner, and Vonderrit Myers, but refuse to acknowledge a few do not the many make. The reality is black men are overwhelmingly the perpetrators of violent crime in America.

According to Justice Department data, blacks aren’t being killed by racist white police officers; they’ll being killed by each other. Making up a mere 13% of the nation’s population, blacks are six times as likely as whites to be victims of homicides and seven times as likely to commit homicides. Over 50% of our prison population is black.

New York Times columnist Charles Blow issued several tweets May 21st with images of racist white police and the KKK harming and killing blacks in the segregated south during the civil rights movement.

The difference between then and now is blacks are the ones killing each other, not racist whites.

In a 2013 Wall Street Journal article, Juan Williams observed that a Children's Defense Fund report found 44,038 black children were killed by guns since 1979, which was "nearly 13 times more" the number of black people lynched over 86-years between 1882 to 1968.


Murders, shootings, homicides, robberies—these are just a few of the black man’s favorite things. As a black woman, I’m not happy about these statistics. My grandfather was a killed by a gunshot wound to his chest in 1970 by an armed black teen who robbed his drycleaner’s and laundromat business. His tragic death saddens me profoundly, as does the wrongful death of black men like Eric Garner in Staten Island.

There are bad cops like there are bad people. There should be zero tolerance for both in cities across the country. But the greater problem isn’t a few cases of police use of deadly force against blacks. Until America begins admitting the shameful scourge of criminality affecting the black race, protesting and blaming police officers won’t change a thing.

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