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As we find ourselves gliding through another week of political headlines, I continue to be amazed by the ream of personal attacks mounted against Herman Cain by black liberals. You wouldn’t think America elected its first black president by the way black Democrats, those so called progressives, who the media paint as the compassionate party, are behaving. From calling Cain a “sell out” to “Uncle Tom” because he chooses to be a Republican doesn’t sound like progressive talk to me but rather backwards racist talk.

The latest black Democrat to mouth off with racist comments about Cain is Karen Finney.

Former Democratic National Committee spokesperson, now political strategist (whose resume reads as long as a roll of toilet paper) appeared on MSNBC and said:

“I think Herman Cain might be coming out with a new show because he’s become the new Donald Trump in the race and it’s hard to take him seriously,” Finney said.

I guess Finney missed the recent poll showing Cain leading GOP field by 24% and Romney trailing at 17%. Apparently, Finney doesn’t bother to read or worry about the facts. Trump’s failed flirt with running for president lasted maybe a month while Cain is still in the game. Looks like Cain is auditioning for POTUS. It’s hard to take anything Finney says seriously. Ah, but there’s more from this pontificating, elitist Democrat.

She continued: “I think he makes that white Republican base of the party feel okay, feel that they’re not racist because they can like this guy, I think they like him because he’s a black man who knows his place.” The comment conjures up the ugly side of slavery and Civil Rights when racist whites used to call blacks ‘boy,’ ‘son,’ ‘girl’ and remind them to know their place in the lower rung of society or suffer the consequences of lynchings, beatings and death. Why would a black woman like Finney, who purports to be such righteous liberal, say this to a black man in the 21st century?

Imagine if a Republican said this about black Karen Finney? Calls of outrage and condemnation would never cease from Democrats. I think Cain knows his place as a black man in the GOP very well, it’s called the top of the polls. I wonder if Finney knows her place. The book Game Change recounts Ted Kennedy being deeply offended (see page 218) during the 2008 presidential campaign, when former President Bill Clinton asked Kennedy to endorse Hillary Clinton. “Teddy fumed that Clinton had said, A few years ago, this guy [Obama] would have been getting us coffee.”

Finney shouldn’t kid herself that the Democrat political establishment is all about helping blacks advance to the highest ranks of the party. Democrats, particularly black Democrats are angry Herman Cain rising in the polls among GOP contenders because he erases Obama as a political novelty. Moreover, Cain’s ascent and message of blacks being brainwashed by the Democrat Party, threatens to destroy Democrats grand illusion that their policies of government welfare help black Americans excel economically.

It’s driving black Democrats crazy a black man actually has the nerve to run for president as a Republican. Cain actually refers to himself as a black man, unlike Obama. When was the last time you heard Obama call himself a black man.

Democrats like to go around pretending to be shocked and amazed at the sheer notion black Republicans exist. But the reality is from Sojourner Truth, to Blanche Bruce, and Frederick Douglass to name a few, black Republicans have been around a long time and continue to thrive today with the likes of Oklahoma’s new Speaker of the House Rep. T.W. Shannon, Utah Mayor Mia Love and Florida Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll. To perhaps the dismay of liberals, black Republicans aren’t going anywhere but rather growing in numbers and voices everyday and we will NOT be put in “our place” by Democrats or anyone.

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