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America’s “woke” class—those who constantly lecture about systemic racism, white privilege, climate change, gun control, etc.—might have gone too far this time. For the past few years, the woke crowd has become more and more emboldened. From cancel culture to trigger warnings, America’s woke mob has incrementally infringed on Americans’ rights.


However, the onslaught of looting, violence, and wanton destruction that has occurred throughout American cities over the past week, supposedly to protest police brutality and institutional racism, has awakened the vast majority of Americans to the fraud of the woke movement.

Although the looters and lawbreakers are certainly not all official members of the woke crew, their reprehensible actions have been aided, abetted, and practically celebrated by the clueless woke class. Why? Because the woke squad is completely out of touch with foundational American values such as self-reliance, personal freedom, free-enterprise, and several more. Actually, they despise these values and the patriotic Americans who support them.

For example, consider this conversation between two very high-ranking members of the woke army, CNN’s Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon.

Cuomo: I've had so many different quotes in my head recently, but Tupac Shakur gave an interview where he eloquently said, I thought, blacks have been asking, asking, asking for a long time, let us in, let us in, let us in. Begging, begging, begging, it's bad out here, let us in. We ask and you don't let us in. We beg and you don't let us in. We start banging on the door because we need to get in. We can't stay out here. We're dying out here. Do you think we're going to keep asking at some point? Now, I know that sounds incendiary to some people, but everything that has mattered in American history has happened because people got to a point where their desperation led them to action and they insisted things got better.


We've never done it by conversation and a pat on the back. It doesn't mean insurrection. It doesn't mean civil war. It means passion that fuels anger that fuels change.

Lemon:  But the thing is, Chris, it does mean insurrection, and I don't mean -- I don't mean it in the way people -- let me -- it means insurrection when people get tired and if no one listens, then it fuels insurrection, do you understand what I'm saying?

Cuomo: Yes.

Lemon: After a while people say, okay, look, I'm tired of this. I'm tired of it and either you let me in, you understand me, I'm gonna force my way into the conversation, force my way into the system. I'm gonna demand that you let me into the house, meaning -- I'm talking about -- you get what I'm saying, the metaphorical house. And you're going to have to do it and people aren't going to like it. So why can't we all figure out how to do it now instead of an insurrection that happens because no one wants to change?

So, Don Lemon believes it is justified to loot and pillage in order to “force your way into the system.” What does that even mean?

Is there a secret system in the United States that only allows whites to thrive? If so, then how does he explain his prestigious position at a national news network? Lemon is a black man. Or how does he explain that Americans overwhelmingly elected a black man to the presidency—twice? Or how about the success of Oprah Winfrey and countless black athletes and entertainers?


Lemon, like most of the woke club, simply ignores reality and facts. He, and most of his woke ilk, prey upon ignorance and raw emotions.

The overwhelming majority of Americans believe the death of George Floyd was unwarranted. The four officers involved have all been arrested and are facing lengthy prison sentences, if convicted by a jury of their peers. Moreover, the sad fate that befell George Floyd is much more the exception than the norm.

According to The Washington Post, in 2018, U.S. police engaged in more than 10 million arrests. Among those 10 million incidents, 998 people were shot and killed. Among the deceased, 45 percent were white men, 23 percent were black men, and 16 percent were Hispanic men. Further, about 25 percent of all these shootings involved people in “mental distress.” Lastly, 54 percent of those killed by police were armed with guns while 4 percent were unarmed.

There simply is no massive problem with police killing unarmed black men. On the other hand, there is an epidemic of young black men killing other blacks. In 2016, a total of 2,870 blacks were murdered in the United States. Among those killings, 2,570 were committed by black offenders. Less than 10 percent, 243 to be exact, were committed by whites.

So, when is the woke crew going to lecture us all on the real problem: black on black violence? Or the complete breakdown of the black nuclear family. Shockingly, more than 75 percent of black children are born out-of-wedlock.


In truth, the real issue that needs to be addressed is not systemic racism or white privilege. It is that millions of black children are growing up fatherless and resorting to violence as a last resort, which is no excuse, but just an observation. This is the plague that needs to be discussed.

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