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Moderate Is a Myth

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I want Bernie Sanders to thrive all the way to the Democrat’s convention in Milwaukee.  I actively root for him.  Not just for simple chaos or political giggles, though there’s some of that.  No, I want Bernie to secure his party’s nomination so we can all stop pretending. There’s no such thing as a moderate Democrat. 


This makes my Never Trump, Jeb! voting, Chamber of Commerce friends angry.  “He’s a socialist!  He’s said glowing things about communist regimes!  How dare you – as a conservative – cheer the likes of Sanders?!”

Oh really?  How dare you – as a conservative – pretend anyone in the Democrats’ field isn’t a full-blown socialist?  Furthermore, how are the current luminaries of their party – Obama, Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer, etc. – how are any of them fundamentally different than Bernie Sanders?   The answer is they’re not.  They’re just better salespeople. 

If I heard it once, I heard it a million times during coverage of Tuesday night’s election results.  Fawning beltway media praising the “impressive, stunning, momentous” return of the Biden campaign, as if to celebrate a return to establishment normalcy for the swampy elites.

Biden has five decades of big government stank on him and that makes Republican, Democrat, and media establishment as comfortable with him as an old pair of jeans. They’d all love to see Biden win the nomination and go on to defeat President Trump. 

They believe Joe Biden is a return to the politics of yesterday, as though that’s romantic.  For establishment-types to claim the Democrats’ past is a moderate fairytale, they either stopped paying attention or are willfully misleading.  Neither Biden nor any of the Democrats in this 2020 field are moderate.  


Mayor Pete, you say?  The guy who told a woman in Iowa – on camera, to her face – if she’s pro-life she has no home in the party.  Klobuchar, perhaps?  She’s supported mandatory, federal gun buyback programs and reversed her position on making English the official language of the United States.

Bloomberg? Lots of brass-buttoned, brandy snifter establishment-types had high hopes for him. Thankfully only American Samoa was duped.  The man dripped with contempt for humankind.  Blacks, pregnant women, overweight people, gun owners – he was an equal opportunity, nanny-state regulator of the worst order.

Meanwhile, President Trump has been so destructive and disruptive to the game in Washington, D.C., Biden has become the establishment’s support donkey.  The folksy, Amtrak-riding, working-class fella from Scranton was always a romanticized version of the former vice president, but it’s certainly the furthest thing from being true today.

Biden wants huge tax hikes, open borders, limitless abortion, and trillions in spending on a man-made climate change hoax that proudly destroys good-paying energy jobs.   

Oh, and he wants to put Beto O’Rourke in charge of gun control.  Yes, the same Beto O’Rourke who said the government simply “wouldn’t allow” certain legal firearms any longer.  “Yes, we’re going to take your guns,” he said proudly in a 2019 debate.  


There’s nothing about anyone in the Democrat’s field that’s moderate, including their newly invented front-runner Joe Biden. Sure, they may act moderate.  They may say the right moderate things.  But how do they govern and vote?  What are their policies?

The only thing moderate about some Democrats today is in their presentation.  Obama was great at speaking in platitudes that sounded pretty while he destroyed private health insurance and emboldened nations hostile to ours and her allies.  

Mayor Pete desperately wanted to be the white Obama, but it wasn’t his turn.  He’ll be back for another try, just as his mentor before him.  He may likely succeed. Socialism softly sold is what the Democrats have done well for years. 

Then along came Bernie Sanders.  I appreciate him.  He’s honest.  He’s angry.  He screams a lot.  He tells you exactly what and who he hates. (Anyone with money who’s not him).  He tells you he has no intention of allowing you to keep your insurance.  He tells you he’s going to raise your taxes – everyone’s taxes – and you’re going to love it.  He wants your guns and your general state of independence.  

Bernie Sanders makes no illusions.  He wants total government control over every facet of your life, and in exchange, you’ll be allowed to share in what his government decides to give you.  And you’ll get it for “free!”


Let’s put that in a debate today, side by side with Donald Trump.  Let’s finally allow the country to see a clear, honest debate between free markets and individualism versus top-down, command and control socialism.  

Yes, it’s alarming there are so many millions who are genuinely excited about the prospect of Bernie, so honest and forthright in his embrace of socialism.  For now though, establishment Democrats, Republicans, and media folks seem to think Bernie’s honesty is just too scary to too many voters to win in 2020.  

Maybe it is.  But the dirty little secret is they know Biden and every other Democrat want the very same things Bernie does.  Quite frankly, they’re not uncomfortable with it either.  But they have to win first. So they want their socialism sold softly. 

Just don’t call it “moderate.”

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