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Another day, week, month, year of “can you believe what Trump said?” Another news cycle trying to convince those who don’t already despise the president that THIS time it’s different because THIS time he’s gone too far.


“He’s violating the standards of decency!  He’s a global embarrassment!  He’s a poor role model for our children!”  Yep, we’ve heard it all.  It’s almost getting boring to say it, but let’s try it again.  Donald Trump didn’t happen in a vacuum.  He happened as a response, a response to the norm-breaking, divisive, anti-American left-wing culture and party who set today’s politics in motion.   

It’s said our national politics are downstream from our culture.  Democrats like to claim Donald Trump is an outlier.  “He’s not who we are,” they sanctimoniously chirp.   The implication is they are “who we are.”  Ok, fine.  Who are the Democrats?  

Knowing the culture of the left means understanding the future of Democrats. I think it's fair to say their American values have no relation to mine and most Trump voters.

It’s also fair to say the American left isn’t subtle about who they are these days.  They’re more collectivist and more authoritarian than ever before.  They’re far more likely to say publicly or on Twitter what used to be only said in closed-door meetings.  That’s a big change.


Before Barack Obama ran for president, he was quite clear about his fondness for and participation in radical leftist politics. After he set his campaign in motion, he muted his extremism.  He separated himself from his radical colleagues, friends, and preacher.  

He was the bridge.  The camel’s nose under the tent.  His radicalism kept somewhat masked publicly, but oozed from his pores privately.

But if we’re to be honest, just where do you think Barack Obama’s heart lies these days?  With the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and his former Vice President Joe Biden or AOC and “the Squad?”

President Obama clung to statements in his private life like,"White folksgreed runs a world in need.”  Today, AOC will say that and much worse - to your face - with cameras running.  And so will millions of brainwashed college grads who follow her.  

That’s culturally different.  Universities have been shaping and defining the left’s culture for the last several decades.    

Not only is liberalism not a dirty word with younger Democrats, socialism isn’t either.  Will Marxism and Communism be praised out loud any time soon? That’s where Democrats seem to be headed.  That’s what they are taught in college.  Individualism and free market capitalism are dirty words.   


The new left is open about its hatred for the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.  It’s not just the “racist, privileged’ white men behind it, it’s what those men created. Breaking away from centralized power and oppression is the nation’s original, founding sin.  A nation of free-thinking, self-interested individuals couldn’t be worse for authoritarian aspirations.   

Throw in free speech while we’re at it. Political correctness — the left’s war on free speech — is central to the culture of the new left.  Speak like us, think like us, or else. 

Sure, they’ll call Donald Trump and his voters racist.  But they’re no longer content to stop there.  They’re willing to slander their own, too.  Anyone who doesn’t openly buy into totalitarian politics (bussing, destruction of private health insurance, etc.) is treated no different than President Trump and his supporters.  Isn’t that right, Speaker Pelosi and Vice President Biden?

If politics is downstream from culture, then the Democrat Party’s politics are hip deep with totalitarian ideas and intentions.Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden sure don’t appear to have a seat in the life raft floating downstream of the modern left’s new culture. 


So how do Pelosi and Biden mollify the rabid leftists in their midst?  Is calling Trump a racist enough?  Would leading an impeachment effort satisfy anti-Semites and hard-core socialists?  Can you unify Democrats without embracing “the Squad” and the Green New Deal fraud?

The problem is jealousy, envy, hate, and anger motivate these New Democrats at levels we’ve not seen historically.  Socialism is more than just an intellectual exercise.  It’s their way forward and it’s rooted in revenge.  They are out for revenge to exact pain and punishment on those they feel deserve it.

The Democratic Party has always relied on vote-buying to sell it’s failed ideas and ideology.  Now it’s using intimidation, race-baiting, and smears more than ever. Where Democrats once spoke in soft tones to express their “concern,” they now scream at the top of their lungs hurling insults and threats quite publicly.  

Democrats have formed an enormous hate group.  And they really do hate. That’s not a throwaway line. There’s a list.

Antifa violence. Republicans and Trump cabinet members shot at on baseball fields and chased out of restaurants.  Democrat House members encouraging constituents to “get in the faces” of their political opposition and tell them they’re not welcome.  The vicious slander of ICE agents, border patrol agents, Supreme Court Justice nominees, MAGA hat wearing high school boys, disrespecting the Holocaust and the American flag…


I’m sure you could add your own.

Don’t tell me Donald Trump’s tweet is more jarring to the national conscience than the behavior and speech of those to whom the tweet was directed.  The Democrats have been swallowed by a loud, disruptive, destructive, unapologetic totalitarian ideology.

That’s the culture of which the Democrats are downstream.  Donald Trump is saving the rest of us from drowning with them.  

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