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(WASHINGTON) — The protesters in Washington DC weren't necessarily just protesting Donald Trump. There's a lot more to this.

They are protesting democracy. Many of them were chanting, “this is what democracy looks like.” However, as I moved a few yards back in the march, I heard people chanting “Donald Trump has got to go.” Apparently these people holding signs that say “remove Trump” forgot that democracy looks like people voting for a presidency and allowing him to serve his term.

The hypocrisy and Detachment of the foregoing it's chilling. So, what are these protests really about? Everyone has been asking that question.

In my view this is nothing more than ‘something’ for these people to do. They are people representing a solution desperately searching for a problem. They need a cause or purpose to fill their negative and miserable lives with stimulation. The women's March on Washington gave them a ‘group’ for which to be included.

These weren’t just women. The crowd was chocked full of men and children too. And, judging from some of their appearances, language and hygiene, there’s no wonder they are searching for someone to include them in their group. I’m very sad for them.

These people have convinced themselves that President Trump is anti-woman, doesn't like minorities and only wishes to control their body. That belief has way too many ‘stretch-marks.’

These leftist-marchers live in a very emotional world shaped by what they fear and by what they hope. This existence is stuck between delusional and mental instability far from the realm of logical (re: reality). They are not living in the present moment; they are reliving pas transgressions and reacting to unfounded future fear.

Most of what they are protesting has already ended or is never going to actually happen. Their duplicitous world is neither present nor future. They are reacting to their past emotional injuries and pain while projecting them on people who ultimately have no responsibility.

Removing federal funding for abortion clinics is not controlling a woman’s body. It’s empowering women by asking that they take responsibility for their own decisions and not asking others to pay for their mistakes. Refuging refugees is not harming people. It’s keeping people safe. Speaking your mind is not acting like a bully. Blocking streets and yelling profanities is.

Many of these people need to look in a mirror as they chant about bigotry and racism.

However they are too emotionally rattled and fearful beings to understand this.

These individuals rarely sustain any lasting or meaningful penetration of the intended protest-message. In other words, they can execute a protest but they cannot finish it.

Because of their gullible and emotional nature, they do not have the resolve or the acumen to truly make a difference or fulfill their purpose.

When Madonna stated she had thought about burning down the White House, she was simply playing to the emotion of rage and insanity. Many stories have been written about how she will become infatuated with a person (male or female) who has something to offer her. She will invite them into her close inner-circle only to toss them aside once her needs are fulfilled. 

If an activist calling for the equal treatment of people, against bullying and/or the respect of others rights would spend just a moment studying Madonna’s they would realize she is antithetical to everything they seek and desire.

If she really wants to make a difference on women's issues, why not tone down such divisive rhetoric and use her massive wealth to create a foundation to do work on behalf of women who need it the most?

Answer: She is using the women’s march likes she uses everyone in her life - to promote her career and get ‘shock-value’ attention. She’s now looking for the next fool (or fools) to use as leverage to enhance her relevance (at their expense).

For the rest of the protestors, their plight is simple: People who are failing to fulfill their purpose frequently protest those who are.

In the case of the Women’s snowflake-march to Washington, the person fulfilling his purpose is President Trump. Those marching are still searching for theirs.

That’s why they are so outraged. They believe the world is against them and that they deserve something they’ve never earned or sacrificed to create.

Perhaps I’m overthinking this. Some of these protestors probably just wanted the free bus ride to Washington D.C., the celebrity stage-show and the free food for a day. Did I mention that wealthy liberal groups organized this march and that it was set up like Lallapalooza? 

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