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Gorilla Outrage. Here’s Why.

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It occurred to me as I watch the hysteria and outrage surrounding the Cincinnati Zoo gorilla shooting that the maturity level of many Americans is akin to a 17-year-old boy with raging hormones and emotional instability.  I refuse to use this animal’s given name because I don't want to further humanize a savage beast who likely would've killed the 4-year-old boy who fell into his moat (had he not been shot).


Most of the people who are outraged by the death of this gorilla - in order to save a 4-year-old boy - are the same people who are pro-abortion.  Death is okay to them so long as they don’t have to see it or ‘experience’ it.  Much like the typical 17-year-old boy their logic, emotion and reason are nowhere to be found.  

With greater reflection, you'll notice that most of the hysteria (and false outrage) in our country over the last few years is rooted in the same kind of cognitive disconnection that surrounds this gorilla’s death.

We've seen a number of reactions to unfortunate circumstances that logic and reason can’t explain:  Eric Garner’s chokehold-death in New York, the Ferguson Missouri riots over the death of criminal Michael Brown, the (Trayvon Martin) George Zimmerman trial,  the SeaWorld Killer Whale trainer death, the death of Cecil the Lion (in which the outrage circus destroyed a dentist’s practice) and more recently the Baltimore riots resulting from the death of criminal Freddie Gray.

These cases represent an emotionally unstable country unwilling to admit its problems and accept the tragedy that exists in our world.  This stems from the lack of personal responsibility that is developing in many Americans.  Their apathy results in the need to blame every negative emotional experience on someone else.  To do otherwise would require contemplation, reflection and true intelligence.  People have lost the ability to recognize that life is neither fair nor perfect.  Bad things happen and we are defined and built by how we deal with those experiences.  When people ignore reality and falsely blame others for the realities of life, they lose the ability to emotionally cope with negative experiences.  


It's easy to look at the Cincinnati Zoo gorilla death and blame it on the captives holding a wild animal.  It's easier to just blame it on zoo administration for not having a double barrier to the moat area.  It's also popular to blame it on the 4-year-old’s mother;  hundreds-of-thousands of petitioners have signed a call for the government to criminally prosecute her.  

The reality is that no barrier is 100 percent effective, no zoo is completely safe and no human can anticipate the overwhelming variables that result in deadly or tragic accidents. In fact, I'm surprised these sort of things don't happen more often.

The rapid increase in false outrage and situational delusion by many in this country is what troubles me.  This level of outrage is what occurs when we indulge in consistently deviant and inappropriate behavior relabeled as tolerance.  We began to confuse reality with make-believe. We confuse humanity with animals.  We confuse sexuality with psychological disorders.  We confuse a disagreement as racism - and so on…

Further contributing to these confusions are leaders who are equally as emotionally unstable as the typical 17-year-old boy.   At 17, he clearly has raging hormones, a feeling of immortality and seeks only pleasure in every circumstance.  They have very little regard for the consequences of their actions or the gravity of damage it can cause.  They will claim that they are an adult and that they ‘have it under control.’  Any attempt, by their parents, to reason with them is met with outrage and accusations of how ‘unfair’ or ‘closed-minded’ it is.  Coincidentally, when they defy parents’ wishes (causing damage), their arrogance is unprecedented as they asked their parents to pay for everything and clean up their mess.  


The progressive mentality on display, in the gorilla-death, exhibits this arrogance and cognitive disconnect.  They only sense danger when it's too late.  Progressives’ emotional maturity stopped at 17 years old.  High in secondary education and lacking in emotional intelligence, negative experiences create the need to punish others as a coping mechanism.  

I have a very good friend who defines this phenomenon with blunt accuracy:  some people are just ‘incompetent human beings.’  This means they are lost in life with no sense of purpose or direction and create a wake of damage wherever they’ve been.  


We attempt to warn these highly educated incompetent people of the damage they will cause but they ignore our advice.  I suppose they know the hard-working parents of this nation will pick them up and bail them out each time.

In case it wasn’t blatantly obvious, this article is referring to many Clinton and Obama supporters.  

As to the dead gorilla, I'm very sorry about it. It's life; things happen.  I'm sorry to be so harsh but, frankly, had anyone walked into the gorilla-moat to rescue the boy there would have been three deaths.

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