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Millions of Americans have become foolish, lazy and irresponsible.  They’re wrecking our nation and ruining our future.  I see this trend in my businesses.  During the past decade, scores of people, who want a free ride, fall for promises that ultimately bankrupt their family.  That explains how a devout socialist like Bernie Sanders even had a chance. 


There are only three types of people in the United States.  First, there are those who just want free stuff.  This is the fastest growing segment.  Second, there are the ‘logicals,’ the people who make choices based on logical conclusions of what’s most sensible.  Third, there are the sheep (nice people) who follow, but never lead. 

The ‘free stuff’ people just want to find a way to get something for free.  They are the Trump University people who are filing the lawsuit because they didn’t get rich quick after taking a few courses.  They wanted the magic formula without the effort.  These are like the Bernie supporters who believe that health care is a right, rich people are stealing their opportunities and that the government should supplant their personal responsibility.  They’re lazy, apathetic and mostly without purpose.  They want the fruits of our labor without contributing much of their own.  They’ll never reach their full potential or make any contribution that’s meaningful until they break free of their greedy, lazy lifestyle.

The ‘logicals’ are people who analyze the facts, question the facts and make analytical decisions based on what they feel is best or right.  This crowd usually makes great money, lives a life with purpose and is envied by many (especially the ‘free stuff’ people).  They work hard and use discipline, skill and restraint.  Their fault?  They don’t connect with ‘free stuff’ people or ‘the sheep’ because they live in the world of reality, where nothing sounds easy.   


The ‘free stuff’ people and ‘the sheep’ live in an emotional cocoon which protects them from having to embrace how distorted and wrong they are.  It’s when ‘the logicals’ try to point out the obvious that they respond with anger or dismissiveness.

The sheep are what we commonly refer to as ‘establishment.’  Many of them are in leadership positions, but aren’t quality leaders at all.  They blindly follow an ‘established’ set of ideals without knowing why.  The reason?  It feels great to be accepted which requires not challenging tradition.  They hate conflict unless it’s to maintain their status quo.  They want everyone to fall in line.  But, when a ‘logical’ suggests that their way isn’t working, they become hateful.  Their inner turmoil, pinned up resentments and general lack of logic comes pouring out in a gush of unfettered emotions. 

This is why the #nevertrump crowd will stop at nothing to defeat him.  They’re the ‘sheep.’  With a Trump victory, they assuredly will be forced to face years (or decades) of failure or unrealized potential. 

Back to business.  The most successful business people are ‘the logicals.’  They rarely lose.  No matter the regulation, the obstacle or the punishment, they find a solution to those setbacks.  They challenge the status-quo and are always reaching for their goals.  They only run afoul when competitors lie (offering free stuff) to a steal business or diminish their success. 


I’ve seen this trend building in the housing business over the last two decades.  Most real estate agents will say anything (outright lie) to get a listing contract; then do the complete opposite.  The latest trend is offering free services to appeal to the ‘free stuff’ crowd, in order to win the business.  They don’t bother to disclose that there will be a significant up-charge ($1500 or more) in order to fully complete what’s ‘free.’  But, the free stuff crowd falls for it every time.  It’s not just housing.  It’s banking, cable, insurance, car sales, cell-phone service and most every service we purchase.  If it sounds too good to be true, ‘the free stuff’ crowd will take two.  Then, they’ll blame their lame decision-making on the billionaires.  It’s never their fault for being fools. 

The Sheep.  I don’t know what we do with these people.  They act very nice.  They tell all of us ‘logicals’ to be nicer - to lower our tone.  They expect us to follow society’s unwritten rules (rules they made) and to use a certain ‘tone.’  “Be professional….act presidential,” they will say.  As ‘devout Christians’ they judge others constantly and even cheat in business dealings.  They aren’t abrasive enough to attack, yet they are likely more of a detriment to society than even ‘free stuff’ people.  I despise this group.  They’re never straight forward and they’re nearly impossible to please unless you fall in line with their way of thinking (no matter how hard you try).  Most of their decisions are emotional. 


This is why we need only ‘logical’ people as leaders, both in business and politics. 

What you’ve seen this election season is unprecedented.  For years, ‘the sheep’ have been leading us down the wrong path.  They are hypocrites.  They have been pushed aside.  And, they’re terribly angry.  The ‘logicals’ have taken control and most of them are voting for Trump or Cruz.  The ‘free stuff’ people clearly explain Bernie Sanders’ success.  Let’s not forget Hillary Clinton; she’s promising plenty of free stuff to her supporters too - so much, in fact, they’ll completely ignore how big of a liar she is.   

What I didn’t realize is just how many freeloaders we have in our society.  It’s at least a third of our nation.  They want you to work hard, act with personal responsibility, do the ‘right thing,’ and pay their bills for them.  And, if you don’t, you’re the problem. 

There is no free stuff revolution.  The ‘free stuff’ people are too lazy to show up consistently even to vote for free stuff.  What we have is a ‘free stuff’ revelation.  This is a revolution of logic and everyone else is shocked!

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