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You may think this column is going to be a righteous, self-help narrative, right?  Wrong!  “Doing what you think is right, even if you’re dead wrong” is just plain evil.  It’s the work of imposters.   


Our country has become plagued with a destructive mentality.  You’re either all-in or all-out; we’ve lost any middle ground.  We see this most prominently in politics. 

For example, let’s take Bernie Sanders.  I believe him when he says he wants to help the poor, provide affordable health-care for everyone and rid this country of corruption and corporate greed.  After all, that’s what’s right.  The problem is that his solutions are just dead wrong! 

Sanders admitted his universal, single-payer health care proposal would increase federal spending by 55 percent.  It would eliminate any private health insurance industry.  By doing so, it would require top earners to reduce the quality of their coverage to meet an ‘everyone gets a trophy’, liberal, below-average plan administered by the federal government.  Politicians like Sanders will peddle such nonsense by parading countless victims of the current system, preying on and manipulating the emotions of the voters.   It sounds something like this:  “We owe it to Suzie [straw-woman who has cancer], to make sure her children get to grow up with a mom [after a made-up health insurance nightmare resulting from Obamacare, which they created].”

Sanders also tells us that by putting the federal government in charge, health care costs will decrease.  What’s missing from this argument by Sanders is that government-run program costs never decrease. They go up.  With ‘free’ health care, they will run to the doctor and take prescriptions far more frequently as a right not a privilege. 


Liberals like Sanders feel they are better than their opponents because they consider themselves to be ‘right’ and their opponents greedy.  Emotions (of people like Sanders) get in the way of logic (creating such opposition).   Bottom line:  It would be better to do nothing than to create the chaos, waiting-periods, degradation of healthcare quality and debt-burden a plan such as Sanders’ would create.  While helping a few, it would harm many.  In fact, the result of Sanders plan being so “good,” while being dead wrong, is pure evil. 

Let’s not leave out Republicans.  Especially the establishment cabal.  If you’ve watched, NBC’s The Blacklist, you’ve likely seen how a Cabal operates as an imbedded secret political clique or faction.  In most cases, it’s a ruse (of morally superior people doing great work) in order to hide deviant or even illegal behavior.  The Republican Party clearly has a cabal of establishment candidates that it supports (Jeb Bush, Ohio Governor John Kasich, perhaps even Florida Senator, Marco Rubio as backup).  Essentially, the “cabal” know they can wield influence over these candidates and continue their agenda of power, enrichment and manipulation through deception. 

Enter, Donald Trump.  Donald Trump is a serious threat to the cabal of The Republican Party.  So, let the outrage begin.  What strikes me the most is the outright dismissive tone of these candidates during the debates. In the January 14, 2016 debate from Charleston SC, Jeb Bush dismissed (as ridiculous) Donald Trump’s plan to put pressure on China to stop cheating by saying, “How about Boeing, right here, within a mile.  You think the Chinese, if they had a tariff imposed on all their imports, wouldn’t retaliate and start buying Airbus?  Of course, they would.  This would be devastating for our economy….”  And conveniently, not a single candidate (or anyone in the media) challenged that completely dismissive, arrogant distortion.  Omitted?  China historically buys planes equally from Boeing and Airbus as a diplomatic measure.  And, China’s most recent purchase of 300 planes from Boeing was conditioned upon those planes being built in China, creating virtually no American jobs.  Either Jeb Bush has no idea what he’s talking about or he’s an outright liar.  Just what the cabal wants!


Further dismissiveness of Donald Trump extends into the far reaches of Republican politics as they denounce his comments on Mexicans, Muslims, his tone, his rhetoric and even his style.  In other words, “Because, we smile and use nice words when we lie to you, we’re right, even though we’re dead wrong.” 

The cabal waltzed South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley in front of the cameras for the 2016 President’s State of the Union response.  Her words are now famous:  “During anxious times, it can be tempting to follow the siren call of the angriest voices,” referring to Trump.  She later admitted that she cleared her speech with Republican leaders.  Haley is a governor who is so desperate to be elevated to national politics she will cede virtually any integrity to her masters.

She fits the mold the Republican cabal desires.  The media cabal has allowed her reckless leadership to exist unfettered.  South Carolina media-people are mastered by the Haley team.  They are strung along through promise, prestige and access, and if you utter one critical word about the beloved-Haley, you are ousted from any privilege.  Ironically, Sarah Palin who is solely responsible for her success operated in the same fashion.  Out of this fear – fear of rejection, fear of losing access to events or interviews – journalists and media commentators also join the cabal and follow the rules of their new Republican masters.  Haley’s record of millions of mishandled SC taxpayer hacks, campaign ethics violations, her drunk transportation director, her trading of jobs for campaign donations (just the tip of the corrupt-Haley administration iceberg), and dozens of abused or even dead children resulting from her cabinets’ incompetence, rings silent in the cabal (swept under the rug) as she becomes their spokeswoman.    


Whether it’s a Democrat like Sanders or the Establishment Cabal of the Republican Party, the message is clear:  “we are right, we are good, we are better,” even though they are just dead wrong.  Please rescue us from these imposters.  

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