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I have been reluctant to compose this column for two reasons.   First, because so much has been discussed on this subject.  Second, because it can only be overwhelmingly negative. Though I critique and criticize matters, I am not one for taking that tone like others are so willing to do.  Nevertheless, there are certain things that need to be said about this entire matter.


Thank God the Mueller Report found no collusion with the Russians.  I always thought the whole matter was a hoax.   It was a political attempt to distract the Trump administration from accomplishing any established policy goals.   The entire attempt was just a pursuit to derail a Republican president.  The reason this activity was not more pervasive during George W. Bush’s presidency is because it was halted by 9/11.   Both presidents are perceived by their political enemies to be illegitimately elected because they won the Electoral College, but not the popular vote.  The opposition has disdain for the Constitution.  That we are a Republic and not a Democracy cements their lack of acceptance for either president.  The opposition also hates the politics of both presidents.  And I mean hate.

What is the difference between the two presidents other than 9/11?   The interceding presidency of Barack Obama.  He radicalized the political structure.  Or shall we say he did an Alinsky on our federal government. Trump is still trying to weed out the sycophants sucking off the federal largesse.  If you doubt that Obama created this atmosphere, just look at two people during the last two years -- James Clapper and John Brennan.  Mr. Clapper was the Director of National Intelligence and Mr. Brennan was the Director of the CIA under President Obama.  These are supposed to be non-political posts, but during this episode these two added more fuel to the flame of the Russia Hoax than anyone else.  With their lofty former positions in the Intelligence Community, they said they had the goods on Trump; thus, Trump must be guilty.  These two should be shipped to the same island that housed Napoleon and never heard from again.  


Then there’s James Comey, who may be the most arrogant person who ever worked for our government.  And with less rationale to be arrogant.  These kinds of people should never have leadership roles in any government.  

Make no mistake: Mr. Obama and his henchmen got away with everything under the sun.  His hands were all over the beginnings of this investigation.  They were emboldened by the press’s docile reaction to the criminalization of the IRS in the run-up to the 2012 election, Operation Fast and Furious and Benghazi.  When you use the most powerful U.S. agency (IRS) to throttle your political opponents and enable Americans to be murdered and get away with it, why would you think launching a bogus investigation against the opposition’s presidential candidate would ever be questioned?  And they never would have if the unthinkable had not happened – Hillary lost.  Where are the reporters quizzing Mr. Obama and his hand-picked Attorney General Loretta Lynch about their involvement in this constitutional takedown?  Even if they were questioned, they would invoke the racism charade and the press would scurry like the rats they are back to their holes.  

Yes, the press.  The press in this country has become a disgrace.  They are grossly partisan and don’t even wish to hide it.  Two of the three most important daily publications in the country, The New York Times and The Washington Post, don’t even bother to hide their contempt for the current president and all other Republicans.  They don’t report news; they opine.  So do the broadcast channels.  The standards used today make the yellow journalism battles between Pulitzer and Hearst of over a century ago seem quaint.  The industry has done a deep dive into the muck -- not to generate profits akin to the battles of yesteryear, but because of their unrestrained Leftist political agenda.  Despite their blind hatred it was about profits and evidenced by the crashing of viewership on CNN and MSNBC once the Mueller report was delivered.  Our journalism schools are the genesis of this, and they have totally lost their way, churning out Leftist cyborgs.  


Then there are the congressional members who played into this and continue to do so with their political investigations.  It is sad to say the two worst (not including Maxine Waters as she is in a class of her own) are from my home team – people of Jewish descent.  Yes, Congressman Adam Schiff and Senator Richard Blumenthal have been particularly disgusting in this episode.  If they are religiously observant, they are reading a different Torah than the one from which I was taught.  They have continually made false accusations with no evidence.  That directly contradicts Jewish law.  

Last, let’s address the issue of lying to the FBI and/or other federal employees.  We keep on hearing that “Oh, you cannot lie to the FBI!”  Why not?  If there is no crime and you did not commit a crime, why can’t you?  What are they, God’s messengers on earth?  This is why our public employees believe they are omnipotent.  

Too many people have been convicted of lying (did they?) when there was no crime in the first place.  Under this ridiculous rule, the vultures in Congress want to pursue obstruction of justice charges against Mr. Trump.  How did he obstruct justice when there was no underlying crime and the investigation vindicated him?  Only in the sick world of justice we have created does such a concept exist.  We need to rid our legal system of this disgusting legal aspect.


This could easily be the worst political episode of my lifetime or probably in the history of the country.  Never has so much of the government apparatus been used against the political opposition to defeat then stymie them.  

If you are upset, you have a right to be upset.  If you are angry, you have a right to be angry.  If you believe these people should be pursued legally for potential crimes, you have a right to believe that.  Pursuing an investigation against the people who perpetrated this scheme is the right thing to do.  As President Trump stated, “No other president should ever have to confront something like this.”  Mr. Barr, please proceed with a proper investigation.

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