Selective Thoughts

Posted: Jun 18, 2012 12:01 AM
Selective Thoughts

Watching the protesters in Chicago, who are commonly referred to as the “Occupy Wall Street” crowd, I am inclined to believe that we need to reinstitute the military draft for both boys and girls. It would make them into men and women.

Hillary Clinton continues to get plaudits for her work as Secretary of State, and as a result she is viewed very favorably by the public. But could someone please tell me what she has accomplished other than appeasing the pseudo-intellectuals of Europe who hated that cowboy from Texas.

Rarely have I been as impressed with a religious leader as Cardinal Timothy Dolan. When the time comes, the other Cardinals should seriously consider him for Pope (unless, of course, they’ve identified another equally awesome human being.)

Living in the political wasteland formerly known as the Golden State (California), I occasionally meet someone who has recently moved here who has no intention of seeking a career in the movie industry and I ask myself “why?” We have a dysfunctional government completely controlled by left-wing union bosses, a budget that has been hopelessly out of balance for over a decade, a lousy public school system, a high unemployment rate that is only worsened by the procession of employers leaving the state, soaring energy costs due to misguided “green energy” schemes, and the highest gas prices in the country. You have to wonder if these people have been in a cave. On the other hand, we have sunshine and no humidity.

President Obama’s new economic plan is to hire more union workers. More construction union workers, more teachers and more local government employees with borrowed money. Those union workers will then contribute to the estimated $400 million the unions plan to spend on this fall’s election on your behalf. The question is Mr. President what is the plan for the 93% of us who are not members of unions?

I watched the movie Windfall recently. It was about a group of people in upstate New York who came face-to-face with the real-world folly of wind energy. These people were enamored by the idea until they actually started to live with it – or more precisely, learned they couldn’t live with it. This wasn’t a documentary made by “right-wing kooks”, but it did show that even the Left can’t defend the stupidity of destroying American landscape with bird-killing windmills.

It is fascinating to see the Left struggling to dig up dirt on Mitt Romney. First, they get fixated on the dog. Then they try to get us focused on something he supposedly did in high school fifty years ago. Next we’ll get naughty tales of him looking up little girls’ dresses from an elementary school friend. Soon they’ll be talking about how evil he is because he speaks French, or how he sexually harassed his nursery-school teacher.

Jay Carney is the most inept Presidential Press Secretary is my lifetime.

Never in my life have I seen a candidate, that I so badly want to lose, step into a giant hole as Elizabeth Warren has done with her ludicrous claims about being part Cherokee. And never in my life have I seen the same candidate so happy to continue bringing up a story that makes her look so horrible and deceitful. She just would not let it go until recently. And Scott Brown never has to say a thing. This is just too much fun.

To which country do you think we should continue giving foreign aid? Egypt, Pakistan or China? Or would you prefer Yemen?

Watching the terrific retrospective on Johnny Carson on PBS brought two thoughts to mind. First, if this show is so good, why do we have to underwrite it with tax dollars? Why can’t it be supported by sponsors – just like all the other shows on television? Second, it’s amazing how Johnny continually made jokes about politicians without ever taking sides. The man who most idolizes him, David Letterman, has allowed his show to disintegrate into a left-wing jokefest that isn’t funny and alienates half his audience. Too bad Johnny isn’t still here to slap him around; it might teach him what his job really is as a late night host. The Late Show is about as much fun to watch as The View. At least he still has a good house band.

Recently the new football coach of Ohio State, Urban Meyer, owned up to a major transgression of the NCAA rules. While visiting a high school coach before a game, he happened to come across one of the players, to whom he said “Good Luck.”

That is what happens when you let left-wing professors run a sports organization. You can’t even be cordial to someone without breaking a rule.

Can someone explain to me what the big deal was about the trading loss that JP Morgan recently suffered? In the quarter in which they had the loss, they made $5 billion, and they’ll earn about $20 billion this year. So what’s the point of discussing the trading loss?

GM is apparently doing great, and I’m being told by my left-wing friends that this is a validation of the President’s policy. Even Republicans admit that they’re making money. Of course, wouldn’t you make money if you had all your debt – even secured debt! – wiped out by the government, who then also allowed you to carry forward all your losses for tax purposes?

The big question is: when are we going to get back the $25 billion still owed plus interest?

Lost in the discussion about the many misstatements from President Obama’s recent press conference was his answer to the question about security leaks. He said “In my White House.” I can never remember a President saying “In my White House.” In my administration or during my term of office is what Presidents have always said not “In my White House.” Mr. President that is OUR White House, you are just a renter and some of us want to terminate your lease this fall.

I have it on good authority that after Elizabeth Warren loses her U.S. Senate race she will be applying for a casino license.