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Republicans have controlled the House and Senate, as well as the Presidency for almost two years, yet still, big tech totalitarians at Facebook, Twitter and Google continue to censor speech based on political differences, with little to no pushback from lawmakers.


Given the enormous influence these tech monopolies have over society, it’s time to hold them accountable for their blatant and destructive bias.

In 1998, the Department of Justice sued Microsoft for its monopolization of the World Wide Web, a case that eventually ended in a settlement by Microsoft. The entire ordeal was one that put Microsoft on notice that it could not own the entire web, stifling competition—and voices—from being heard.

To be clear, discriminating against individuals based on political differences has little to do with what defines a monopoly, but given the influence that big tech companies such as Facebook, Twitter and Google have over access to information and the transmittance of information throughout society in 2018, their power is becoming analogous to Microsoft’s in the 1990s.

Given this seemingly unyielding power, in conjunction with blatant and repeated stifling of speech based on political partisanship, it’s time for Congress to put big leftist tech on notice that they are not untouchable.

In the most recent case of partisanship, Facebook outright deleteda disabled combat veteran’s page, with no warning or explanation, after taking over $300,000 in advertising money from the hero.

The disabled veteran, Brian Kolfage, is a triple amputee, who aims to put an end to social media censorship. Kolfage was wounded in combat on Sept. 11, 2004, while serving in Iraq, losing both legs entirely and his right hand. Kolfage is the most severely wounded U.S. Airman to survive such trauma.


Despite these facts, Facebook decided Kolfage didn’t have a right to be heard and silenced his voice. Classy move, huh?

Kolfage was the administrator to Facebook pages such as Right Wing News and Military Grade Coffee, which Facebook deleted in an attempt to reign in what they decide to be “misinformation.”

Kolfage addressed the censorship by noting, “…I’m an American, with deep beliefs in what our country stands for. I proved this by vowing to protect and fighting for America greatest tenant: Free Speech. Many Americans have fought for these political freedoms … freedom of speech … and every American has enjoyed those freedoms … UNTIL TODAY. October 11th Facebook shut down thousands of Facebook accounts for their political opinions stating that they don’t have a ‘legitimate political argument.’ STOP SOCIAL MEDIA CENSORSHIP NOW!”

Facebook isn’t the only tech giant to engage in political hit jobs, as a recent Google document was revealed to show a senior software engineer at Google, whose responsibilities include a key feature of Google’s search engine, referring to Tennessee Congresswomen and then-Senate candidate Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) as a “violent thug” and even “terrorist.”

This same high-ranking software engineer also defended the recent banning of Rep. Blackburn’s ads on social media. How fair and balanced, right?


Rep. Blackburn’s penned an op-ed for Fox News back in June raising awareness of Silicon Valley’s blatant bias against conservatives, and the censorship of Republican advertisements in order to help elect Democrat candidates.

Blake Lemoine, a senior software engineer at Google, said in the internal memo that the public is being “lied to” by Blackburn, and even accused her of “causing the deaths of people she claimed to protect.”

Lemoine continued his political rant against Rep. Blackburn, stating…

“We certainly shouldn’t acquiesce to the theatrical demands of a legislator who makes political hay by intentionally reducing the safety of the people who she claims to protect,” and most shockingly and disgracefully piling on with, “I’m not big on negotiation with terrorists.”

When another Google employee objected Lemoine referring to a sitting Congresswomanas a “terrorist,” Lemoine sarcastically responded with, “Would you be more okaywith characterizing it as not being big on acceding to the demands of violent thugs?”

For a senior software engineer at Google, Lemoine sure seems to have difficulty understanding what words actually mean. Violent is usually a definition reserved for people who, you know, commit violence.

Lemoine isn’t some low-ranking intern, he’s a profoundly influential employee, responsible for influencing search engine optimization on Google’s search feed. In other words, this man is responsible for what information is sent to users based on their personal data, which predicts what users want before they search for it.


In my book, “Rise: In Defense of Judeo-Christian Values and Freedom,” I expose in great detail the troubling patterns emerging within big tech, and the leftistdesire to suppress freedom of speech for all who disagree with them.

Republicans better take notice of this emerging threat to free speech, as well as free and fair elections before it’s too late. As usual, the GOP is behind the eight ball.

Big tech’s continued censorship on conservative candidates apparently already gave some Democrat candidates a leg up in the midterm elections. The question is, how long will the GOPwait before they take action? If they wait until the next election, it may be too late.


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