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Race to 2010: Entering the Home Stretch

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Several months ago, we, here at the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), began an earnest effort to lay out our argument for why Republicans could and should win the majority this November.  As part of that effort, we have offered 96 race-specific columns about why the Republican candidate can win on November 2nd. With new opportunities emerging in every region of this country each week, we could go even further in expanding our “Race of the Day” columns.  However, I believe it’s now more important to focus broadly on what we can do together to make sure we win this November.

Why now? 

Today marks 39 days until Election Day.  We have just 39 days to win at least 39 seats, retire Nancy Pelosi and to begin to put our nation back on track.

We have come a long way since Election Day 2008 – in fact we have come a long way since Time proclaimed that Republicans were an endangered species on their May 18, 2009 cover. Now less than six weeks before Election Day, political handicappers and pundits are proclaiming Nancy Pelosi’s majority is in jeopardy:

·          “We are revising our House forecast to a Republican gain of at least 40 seats, the minimum to give them majority status, and very possibly substantially more.” - Cook Political Report

·          “Republicans seem poised for a big year, with gains most likely now in the 37-42 seat range (they need 39 for a majority). However, we believe that substantially larger gains are also possible, depending on whether Democratic voters get more motivated between now and November, potentially into the 45-55 seat range. Democratic control of the House is in great danger.” - Rothenberg Political Report

·          “Republicans have a good chance to win the House by picking up as many as 47 seats, net” - Larry Sabato

Now, Democrats are on the defensive and running away from their records, their Speaker, their party and the reckless agenda they supported over these last two years.  Why else do you think over 40% candidates in the DCCC’s Red to Blue program are Democrats running in Democrat-held open seats?

Whether these predictions hold true on November 2nd is up to you.    

We have reached this point because the American people are stepping up and fighting to take their country back.  Hundreds of thousands of committed patriots, like you, have found their own way to join this fight, whether by joining a local Tea Party, volunteering on a campaign, making a contribution, or by running for Congress. 

We have outstanding candidates throughout this country.  Principled and determined Americans, many of whom you have been reading about on a daily basis, who are now being vilified by the radical left for standing up against the reckless agenda of this Administration and Democrat-controlled Congress.  They have been successful in articulating their view for America and exposing their opponents’ blind loyalty to Nancy Pelosi, but they need our help.

With Election Day nearing, the NRCC has now launched our “39 Days” campaign ( This campaign will highlight candidates, facts and information you need to know - and share with friends and family - as the election nears. Additionally, it challenges you to help raise $39k a day to ensure Republicans can remain on offense until the final polls close in Hawaii on November 2nd.

On our new site, you will be able to see updated information on candidates and races across the country, our latest TV ads, and breaking news provided to you in new and different formats.

39 Days from today, we can begin to change the direction of our country. Democrats, and their liberal allies, are desperate to hang on to power, because even with all the damage wrought by the Pelosi/Obama agenda, Vice President Biden said Democrats, “have more to do.” That raises one question - What else is left?

39 days, 39 seats, 39 facts, $39k a day… With your help, we can make it happen.

On behalf of NRCC Chairman Pete Sessions, thank you for your support and continued commitment to America.  Now, let’s win.

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