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Although ubiquitous on television and the big screen, homosexual behavior is not nearly as widespread as activists would have us believe. As a matter of fact, according to a poll released in March by the National Center for Health Statistics and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, only 1.4 percent of Americans identify themselves as “homosexual.” This means that out of the approximately 307 million citizens in the U.S., only a little more than 4 million fit the description.


What this means is that people at certain media outlets, like U.S. News and The New York Times, are putting lots of energy into creating an aura of overwhelming numbers in order to further the progress of the homosexual agenda throughout the land.

Reporters at both publications have done this recently by drawing attention to the best cities for homosexual couples in America.

The Times did this most recently with an article titled, “New Numbers, and Geography, for Gay Couples.” Relying on information from the Williams Institute, a UCLA-based propaganda mill founded and funded for the express purpose of promoting homosexual activism, the article paints a picture depicting a geographical shift away from traditional enclaves like San Francisco to more “gay-friendly” cities and counties in Massachusetts, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Florida (among others).

At different points within the article, the Times went out of its way to point out how West Hollywood and San Francisco are no longer top contenders: the intended message being that there are just so many other options now. But the flaw in the argument is the fact that even the number one city listed in the article contains an infinitesimally small percentage of same-sex couples.

This came out clearly in the article in U.S. News titled, “10 Cities with the Most Same-Sex Couples,” which is similarly undermined by the fact that it, too, includes the tiny percentages of “same-sex couples” residing in the top ten cities.


In other words, after listing ten different locales, the U.S. News article’s numbers showed that the percentage of “same-sex couples” in the number one city was 1.36.

Not 13.6 percent, but 1.36.

That’s number one. By the time the reader gets to number 10, Boston, the percentage is only 0.91.

Although people have been bamboozled by recent polls which claim Americans believe 25 percent of our population is “gay,” the reality is that those who identify as “homosexual” make up a far smaller portion of our population. Nevertheless, they seek to impose comprehensive social change on Americans.

News organizations that want respect should analyze this aspect of the debate rather than simply pass along statistics published by the Williams Institute.

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