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The Cosby-Clinton Media Double Standard

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The indictment of Bill Cosby for sexual assault could play an important role in the 2016 campaign. On Comedy Central, leftist "fake news" anchor Larry Wilmore said even if Cosby isn't convicted, a trial is a good thing. "For too long, the women who have accused him of this crime were not being listened to, because they were being silenced by a powerful man and a complicit culture. And, now, finally, regardless of what happens next, they're being heard."

A powerful man, a complicit culture: sounds like Bill Clinton -- except the real "news" media will never turn on him.

None of Bill Cosby's accusers were ever slimed by pundits. They've been treated with respect and with care because the alleged crime called for it.

But look how they treated Paula Jones. The body language from the start implied she was trailer trash and deserved it. Kathleen Willey? She was allegedly groped by Clinton, so she was more trash begging to presidentially pawed. Juanita Broaddrick? She accused the president of rape, and the media walked away, never wanting a real answer.

On Nov. 22, Hillary Clinton had the denialist chutzpah to tweet this about campus rape policies: "Every survivor of sexual assault deserves to be heard, believed, and supported." This from the same woman who oversaw "bimbo" patrols to destroy the reputation of any woman who alleged any sexual misconduct by her lecherous husband.

On Jan. 6, Juanita Broaddrick responded on Twitter: "I was 35 when Ark. Attorney General Bill Clinton raped me and Hillary tried to silence me. I am now 73 .... it never goes away."

Broaddrick told her story about the alleged 1978 assault on the Feb. 24, 1999 edition of "Dateline NBC." In a C-SPAN interview last August, her NBC interviewer Lisa Myers said, "Nothing has come up since that story was reported that in any way undercuts what Juanita Broaddrick said."


Her horrific story brought forth the imagery of Bill Clinton biting down on this woman's lip as he violently attacked her -- Broaddrick in shock, her lip bloody and swollen, her underwear torn -- and then Clinton putting on his shades and saying, "You better put some ice on that" as he left the room.

And in reply, the president never had to say more to the press than legalese: "My counsel has made a statement about the first issue and I have nothing to add to it."

Hillary Clinton is so unbelievably pampered that she's never been challenged to address her raging hypocrisy as she prances on the Internet about believing every woman's charge of a sexual assault. NBC and Myers never made any mention of Hillary Clinton in their Broaddrick interview, but Broaddrick told Sean Hannity and others that Clinton came up to her and shook her hand firmly after the assault, saying something like "I just want you to know how much Bill and I appreciate what you do for him."

No one in the liberal media touched the issue of Hillary Clinton's hypocrisy on rape. A month ago on the campaign trail in New Hampshire, a voter asked bluntly about the contrast between her husband's accusers and her tweet. That's more than any so-called "reporter" has mustered. She smiled brightly and said "Well, I would say that everybody should be believed at first until they are disbelieved based on evidence."


So Clintonian. "Believed at first..." and then destroyed.

But the Clintons never have been asked to produce a shred of exculpatory evidence. The media merely moved on. The hell with them.

This week, Joy Behar on "The View" reflected the media mindset, discussing Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy. Apparently, rape and drowning are secondary concerns to advancing the feminist agenda: "I don't like either one of them, to tell you the truth, Teddy or Bill. They're both dogs as far as I'm concerned. But I still will vote for Bill Clinton because he votes in my favor."

The credibility of feminism was shredded by the Clintons in 1990s. Nothing's changed in 2016.


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