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Sunken Mermaid Attention, and WaPo Found Pimping for Protestors

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Both Kinds of Standards – THE NEW YORK TIMES

It has been baffling and enraging to see our press complex go all-in with supportive content on the growing tide of sexualizing children in recent years. Then, when those opposing these positions point them out negatively, the press tries to reverse shame, saying that alleging anyone is a groomer for promoting lurid children's involvement. 

Bearing all of this in mind, it is all the more baffling to see New York Times reviewer Wesley Morris looking over the Disney remake of "The Little Mermaid," an already woke reboot, and wonder where all of the lurid content is. Disney is in the process of blowback for its woke agenda, and this reviewer is actually looking for the company to inject MORE inappropriate components in order to get a favorable review.

Matching Media Memorandum – VARIOUS OUTLETS

  • This casting move matches their agenda, so the press will promote it appropriately.

As the box office returns came in from this weekend for "The Little Mermaid," the press was rather uniform in hyping the big business the film took in. Yes, the $117.5 million it reeled in was good, but it was hardly a magnificent performance. It fell below projections, the film saw a drop off in audience through the holiday weekend, and overseas it is not doing well at all. Objectively, Disney might have a tough time getting to a profit with this one but don't tell that to the media cheerleaders. 

Stealth Story Evolution – ASSOCIATED PRESS

As the controversy with Target stores selling trans clothing lines for children continues, the AP decided to wade into the fracas, and it is clear the outlet is choosing a side. As the news syndicate detailed that the store chain decided to nestle these items deeper in its stores to downplay the backlash, they reported that the decision was the result of violent skirmishes that had taken place at Target locations. 

This was all corporate blather, however, and the AP dutifully repeated these claims without so much as a dose of investigations. Soon they became aware that there were no actual acts of violence to be noted, so the headline and content needed to quietly be altered. No need for a CORRECTION or an editor's note alerting to these changes.

Legalized Press-titution – WASHINGTON POST

In a revealing dose of media support for illegal activity, we once again have been treated to the all-too-common and always-stunted action of climate activists violating works of art to "get the message out about climate change." A recent case of these idiots at work took place in D.C., where a pair of codgers mewling about oil or such smeared paint all over the display of a Degas statue. 

The Washington Post was on the scene and delivered a lengthy report. They were sure to fully detail the message of the protestors and explain their motivations. WaPo's protest correspondent (yes, seriously), Ellie Silverman, was present to report all of this. There was even a video shot by two other Post journalists, who captured the event from the very beginning. 

This is where the issue comes up – how were they able to get to the museum in time to capture this in its entirety? Well, we learn in a report from the DOJ that the Washington Post had been contacted ahead of time by the group behind this duo, and they all dutifully arrived to capture the act in its entirety and gather all of the propaganda to print out in full detail, with nary a critical word to be found:

Prior to the attack, members of the conspiracy had alerted the Washington Post, and two reporters from the Post recorded and photographed the offense. Additionally, other members of the conspiracy filmed and photographed the offense.

Pulitzer Prize Nomination – USA TODAY

  • It's the women turning on other women for defending women that is only the start of indolent thinking.

A bit of an industry kerfuffle erupted when ESPN's Samantha Ponder dared speak out about allowing biological men to compete in women's athletics. Many female sports reporters have weighed in, and maybe some of them would have been better off not saying anything, such as USA Today's Lindsay Schnell.

We cannot really refute her comment and say she was in the wrong – because we have no idea what it is she is saying on the topic. To make a point in support of trans women competing, she invokes LeBron James, and he is said to be unfair in the NBA and…well…frankly, we got nothing.

Prose & Contradiction – MSNBC / CNN

  • This is near pathological obsession with the guy they hate.

You have to hand it to our friends over at Newsbusters. They are great at compiling the focus of the network news outlets by clocking the amount of time they grant to certain news stories as opposed to others, showing their bias by displaying the imbalance in coverage. Recently, they showed how the networks on the same day roundly ignored the House finding on the Biden family money channels but spent copious minutes on the George Santos charges coming down. 

The latest is great at displaying just how much animosity there is for Ron DeSantis by looking at how focused they are on Donald Trump, the man they previously demanded had to be silenced. On one day for a ten-hour period, from 6 am to 4 pm, just on MSNBC and CNN, Trump was mentioned by name an astounding 400 times.

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