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Blowing Off Whistleblowers, CNN Mutiny Is Rising, and Fluid Standards With Obituaries

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Low Octane Gas Lighting – MSNBC

  • This is not a legitimate revelation, according to those being revealed.

The way to see how desperate the press is to ignore the FBI whistleblowers is the level of desperation they hold in not only diminishing their testimony but claiming they do not qualify for whistleblower status. This is the same press that fought in the past to protect anyone under that banner who helped their narratives.

Joining in on the ridicule is MSNBC's resident FBI expert Frank Figliuzzi, who sees the former agents testifying and declares they are not qualified as whistleblowers because the FBI – the body they are testifying against – has not declared them to be valid whistleblowers. 


Continuing down this road was the Washington Post, which took great pains to describe how the FBI was certain to come forward with complaints against those willing to come forward and report on the misbehavior at the Bureau. Of course, there is the need to overlook that the Feds took disciplinary action in response to their internal complaints. But since they are making the Biden administration look bad, this means they are acting in an incorrect manner.

Presentation Paradox – NBC NEWS

If you needed any further proof that anything Ron DeSantis does will be met with scorn from the press, here is this new report from NBC that does a complete 180 on the past year of complaints. The press that cannot be bothered with FBI whistleblowers, the Durham Report, or the House investigation into the Biden family finances manages to find the resources to dig into Florida's education system.

First, recall all the false storylines we have been served about Florida erasing black history in schools. It is a completely false narrative, as what has them upset is DeSantis blocking new study programs that bastardize history. But after the announcement that the governor passed a law for Asian-American studies to be required in schools, he was met with criticism over this because of how it reflects on the lie of black studies being banned.

It is rather evident that when covering Florida schools, the press acts intentionally ignorant.

Reporting on the Mirror – CNN

  • Is Chris Licht facing a potential mutiny?

The fallout from the town hall with Donald Trump continues for CNN. There has been notable pushback from viewers and others watching the outlet, but just as prominent has been the backlash from within the network. Recently, star journo Christiane Amanpour ripped the decision to host Trump during a commencement speech at the Columbia School of Journalism and even name-checked Licht during her comments.

Amanpour has since enjoyed very strong support from other CNN staff. The recently reprimanded Oliver Darcy wrote of Amanpour's speech and featured it in his "Reliable Sources" newsletter, placing her comments prominently above the news that Kaitlan Collins was granted a spot on CNN's primetime lineup. After posting a video of her speech, it was noted by many CNN staffers. Darcy's post on the speech was shared by Jake Tapper, and international correspondent Nima Elbagir hailed Amanpour directly for her approach to management.

Anti-Social Media – THE NEW YORK TIMES

  • Sure, he was great, but not despotic leader-great!

NFL legend Jim Brown just passed away, and the man with a Hall of Fame career, a barrier-breaking stint in Hollywood, and known for his social activism had another component to his life that The New York Times felt the need to include.

Not even convicted but "accused," and The Times saw fit to be sure that was a highlight in his life. 

This comes from the paper that looks at the deaths of authoritarian dictators and decides that atrocities committed were not so worthy of headline inclusion.

Artisanally-Crafted Narratives – CNN

  • Not all POC obituaries are created equal.

As a sign that not all news outlets dredge up the worst for the remembrance of an expired figure, CNN covered the funeral of Jordan Neely, the recidivist subway attacker. The outlet regarded the man as a beloved performer and not a career criminal with nearly four dozen arrests to his name. 

It is almost as if the press regard POC individuals based on how they assist the narrative they want to promote.

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