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The Heroic Afflictions of Fetterman

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  • Basing historical significance on afflictions.

Remember, not so long ago, when we had been lectured incessantly by activists not to spotlight someone with a medical affliction or physical impairment? It was to the point that you could no longer use the word “handicapped” because it supposedly reduced a person to only their set of challenges.

This year, however, the media revisionism regarding John Fetterman continues, as the man whose condition dared not be mentioned last year during a campaign is today celebrated for the same conditions. Joe Scarborough sat in with the senator, and in the course of their talk, Scar-Jo compares Fetterman to former President Abraham Lincoln and former UK Prime Minister Winston Churchill because those men had infirmities they had to contend with.

Don’t ask if Fetterman has achieved anything, just place him on the same pedestal as the greats – for being sick.

Democratic Custodial Services – WASHINGTON POST

Credit where it is due, as the Washington Post Editorial Board actually had some critical words for Joe Biden not engaging with the press. All year he has had only two joint pressers and a few deeply controlled interviews. Lost on the editors, however, is that they are responsible for fostering this behavior. Biden had been freezing out the press since his campaign for office, and his persistent running from the media, calling lids, and dodging questions have been enabled for years now. Biden just joked about this aversion at the White House Correspondents Dinner last week, and the press chortled in compliant agreement with the president.

But as the newspaper takes him to task, they resort to pleading with the president that they are not a bunch of meanies and that he should talk to them more:

Pick up the microphone, Mr. President. The media is not your enemy.

Yes, we know that already, dear editors – that is the entire problem.


  • Okay, by this point, we are convinced you are working on Tucker’s behalf.

Media Matters Senior Fellow Matt Gertz is still spilling out leaked videos of Tucker Carlson from behind the scenes at Fox News. In the latest supposed “alarming” exposé, Tucker is heard disparaging people who use their pronouns as a sign of social signaling.

How/why this is supposed to be controversial, a negative reflection, or somehow damaging to Tucker is something apparent only to the easily offended, woke, pearl-clutching activist set. In other words, to the MMFA customer base.

Legalized Press-titution – VICE NEWS

  • Like taking money from a John.

It has been a steady drip of stories about how poorly Vice News has been operating, and it culminated last week with the news that the outlet was going bankrupt. Now comes the announcement that the moribund newser has a white knight who will bail them out and keep the biased portal afloat.

They have been bought out by George Soros.

Pulitzer Prize Nomination – THE WRAP

It used to be that The Humane Society would monitor movie sets to ensure animals were not being mistreated in the filming of scenes. Now, apparently, we have PETA getting in on the game and praising the new release in theaters of “Guardians Of The Galaxy 3” for its portrayal of the character Rocket Raccoon.

We will leave it to you to decide which is more ridiculous – the animal advocacy group praising a fictional creature or The Wrap describing the “shocked reactions to the horrifying flashbacks depicting Rocket Raccoon’s dark past” involving an animal that was entirely computer animated.

Reporting on the Mirror – MTV NEWS

As Paramount joins the numerous other media companies going through layoffs, there was a casualty in the announced job cuts.

At the music channel that no longer plays music, the news division that provided less and less news is being shuttered. MTV News is being eliminated.

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