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Vox Explains It Is Unaware Where Disneyland Is Found, and Newsweek Spills on Nikki Haley’s Dress

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Artisanally-Crafted Narratives – CNN

As Twitter became a therapy session of shrieking self-important celebrities and journalists coping with the loss of their blue-check verification (full disclosure, I had to go verify that I lost my legacy badge), CNN arrived to detail for us the activity. From what we understand, it was a free for all.

Just looking over this description of people unable to come to grips with losing a badge on social media means that even as the outlet no longer shows verification, their description of this nonsense as "chaos" means we know it is truly CNN.

Blue-Anon – VOX

The explaining experts at Vox are certainly in the pro-Disney anti-DeSantis camp, given this slanted coverage of the ongoing feud. They are also certainly unconcerned with the facts. 

The piece is centered on Disney getting revenge on DeSantis by announcing it is holding a Pride Night at its park, but they had to correct that the event was announced before the DeSantis decision. The error is explained as writer Nicole Narea holds that Florida passed a "Don't Say Gay" law "that prevents teachers from talking about LGBTQ+ issues or people." Seriously? Do we still have news outlets attempting to sell this lie?!

But best of all is that in trying to build this move by Disney into some kind of masterstroke troll by the company, Narea misses out that this event is announced to take place at Disneyland...in California.

Anti-Social Narratives – NEWSWEEK

Nikki Haley had her daughter getting married last weekend, and it appears that her dress selection was a point of controversy, according to Newsweek. Haley shared a screenshot of the reporter contacting her on the concept that she wore a white dress on the day her daughter was married. 

The precious part was her being asked to comment on the "backlash" regarding her dress selection.

Pre-Written Field Reports – REUTERS

Reuters has come under fire for a report from the recent NRA event where their photographer staged some shots with children in attendance on the sales floor. The parents of some of the kids were not pleased that their names had been used and that the photographer had moved into a position to make it appear as if the kids had been aiming a gun at her camera:

Dan Eckart, who took his two grandsons to the meeting last Saturday, called the photo of his 6-year-old grandchild aiming the firearm toward the camera 'a set-up. What I noticed was [the photographer] was moving around so that whichever direction [his grandson] was, she tried to get in front of him,' Eckart told Fox News

Reuters eventually pulled the pictures and canceled out the names of the children, but not after the story and images had been picked up and shared by other news outlets. Evelyn Hockstein still has the pictures on her Instagram page.

Body Checking the Fact-Checkers – USA TODAY

At USA Today, they continue their assigned task of correcting innocuous Facebook posts – that impact nothing. In the latest example, the truth detectors saw a post that had a picture of a statue but made severe errors. The name, and the location, were incorrect!

'This statue was recently unveiled in Oxford,' reads the post's text. 'The name: 'Woman of our times.' Mankind is doomed!' It was shared over 1,000 times in two days.

But – thankfully – USA Today truth hound Elanor McCrary is on the case to let us know the real facts.

OUR RATING: FALSE  The title of the statue is 'And Life is Over There.' It was unveiled in 2017 in The Hague, a city in the Netherlands, not recently in Oxford, England.




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