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Jenn Rubin Misses Yet Another Point

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Presentation Paradox – CNN

  • Allow the climate expert to clarify; he doesn't want YOU to travel.

On CNN's troubled morning show, they ran a segment with climate correspondent Bill Weir. In his remote report, he talked about how the Antarctic sea ice has been receding over the past couple of years, and this was when Don Lemon asked Weir what could be done to halt this disaster.

  • "The faster we can move away from fuels that burn, in the speediest and most equitable way possible, the less horrible this gets. That's the -- that's the only way right now."

We now will point out that this lecture about moving away from burning fuel comes after Weir flew about 6,600 miles to the tip of Argentina. And he cannot say he did so in order to film the effects he was reporting on; in his segment, the visuals are provided by a news syndicate.

Legalized Press-titution – SEMAFOR

  • China just confirmed it will receive coverage as favorable as Sam Bankman-Fried.

Upstart media outlet Semafor made an announcement that it is embarking on a new aspect of its platform. With a focus on China, this new endeavor will be covering the economic stories of global importance, spanning from the Chinese capital all the way to Wall Street.

One detail that needs to be added to this proud announcement. This new venture sees Semafor partnering with a Chi-com think tank affiliated with that nation's United Front foreign influence operations. Nice work, gang.

Let's look things over now, shall we? In the past few months, we have learned Semafor was bankrolled by the crypto scandal house FTX, has an environmental newsletter sponsored by Big Oil, and is now partnering with Chinese communist propaganda outfits. 

This outlet has not been in operation for a year and has already blasted away any integrity it hoped to build.

First Amendment Strike Force – PUFFIN PUBLISHING

There has been all sorts of justifiable outrage when publishing house Puffin (the kids' division of Penguin-Random House) announced it would be editing the works of Roald Dahl, altering language deemed offensive by contemporary standards. 

The backlash was enough to have the publishing house backtrack – sort of. It was later announced it would be offering "classic" versions of Dahl's works, as well as the new sanitized works.

But in a development that moves this story from disturbing to straight into the pages of George Orwell, some people began to report that their previously purchased versions of Dahl's titles on their ebook readers were altered by the new editing standards. This was done without request and without any announcement to those who own the books.

Pulitzer Prize Nomination – NBC NEWS

In Tennessee, Governor Bill Lee is poised to sign a bill preventing drag shows that can be performed in front of children. To get a grasp of where NBC News falls in relation to this story, we need only look at this report from Matt Lavietes. 

In what is supposed to be a "gotcha" moment or to be held up as an example of hypocrisy, Lavietes has an explosive detail from Lee's past.

  • "By the time Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee confirmed Monday that he would sign a recently passed bill criminalizing drag performances in public and in front of children, a photo that appears to show him dressed in drag as a high school student."

To suggest a photo from nearly 50 years ago proves…anything is asinine. That this photo has nothing whatsoever to do with sexualized performances in front of children goes without saying. And for anyone – let alone a reporter – to even suggest the school tradition of a powderpuff game is in any way equal to drag shows in front of kids is just flat-out embarrassing, were they capable of such emotions.


When you only exist inside an insulated bubble behind a security wall inside a gated community, your coverage of things will tend to be a bit diluted. Jenn Rubin seemed to think she had the perfect hit job on Ron DeSantis, suggesting there is no way the rest of the country would want to emulate DeSantis' state, pondering what the country would become.

Yea, Jenn, people really would hate the freedoms, the booming economy, the competent leadership, and the recently reported plunging crime statistics. Yes, people hate things in Florida so much that is probably why it leads all other states with people moving here at a surging rate.


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