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SPECIAL EDITION: The Gas Stove Media Meltdown Simmering This Week Comes To a Boil!

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[For this installment it will be entirely focused on this week’s narrative regarding gas stoves and how the issue has evolved, entangling the press as the talking points unraveled. It is a lesson in how deep our media complex has foundered in recent years.]

*To set the table (as it were): The week began with talk of the dangers of gas stoves in the home and how the US Consumer Product Safety Commission was floating the idea of making these appliances obsolete. The press followed along enthusiastically but soon faced enormous public backlash and mockery. By Wednesday the White House declared there was no intent on removing these ovens from homes, and then the press had to change course instantly with their narrative.

Low Octane Gas Lighting – VARIOUS OUTLETS

  • Anyone claiming there is a ban on stoves is plainly hysterical. That has not been the case – for days!

After the White House walked away from any concept of removing ovens the press went into CYA mode. A number of outlets jumped to declare there is no ban, and that anyone saying otherwise was dealing in hysteria. 

Only problem: The very same media complex was flush with reports repeating the proposed ban on the stoves when first announced at the start of the week. 

Matching Media Memorandum – VARIOUS OUTLETS

  • Well, that story went sideways and ended up wheels-up in the ditch – better blame conservatives!

It was with surprising speed that, after barely a day, the blowback on the idea of getting rid of gas stoves was enough to have the administration completely disavow the ban. That means the same press that jumped in with both feet now had to stand on the brakes with both feet and change direction.

Instantly – the entire concept of a ban on stoves (originally sold by the press) was attempted to be offset onto conservatives. The whiplash experienced in newsrooms will hopefully be covered by their union medical plans.

Presentation Paradox – WASHINGTON POST

  • Can we count this as proof their writers do not read their own paper?

At the Washington Post, they lent themselves to be the outlet to typify the wild swings in the media coverage of this story. The paper put out two articles impugning the conservatives/GOP for promoting the concept of a ban on these ovens. 

Of course, not impugned was the Washington Post itself, which published TWO pieces earlier promoting the concept of banning the stoves.

Stealth Story Evolution – WASHINGTON POST

  • Quietly tidying up that headline as the narrative shifted within a day.

At some point an editor noticed that there was a shift in the administration talking points and then they realized that on one of those stories they had pushed the now ridiculed concept of there being a ban.

No matter, as they say in Hollywood – “We’ll fix it in post!

Pulitzer Prize Nomination – NEW YORK TIMES

  • Maybe an Emmy for drama would be a better prize???

Late to the game was the Times, but also it could have been a case that the import and gravity of the editorial were just too much to resist, and they let the thing run as a result.

The drama however morphs into pure comedy, once you consider that as so many outlets are trying desperately to paint conservatives as hysterics on the matter of gas stoves, this dark approach exceeds any other claim in the realm of melodramatics about these appliances.


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