Infidels Beware!

Posted: Aug 12, 2014 12:01 AM
Infidels Beware!

Muslim/Islam, two words finding their way more and more into the national conversation. Therefore, I decided to do a little more investigation, for a better understanding, beyond which the mainstream media provides. In addition, the amount of video being provided by ISIS, in their quest for a Caliphate, is illuminating.

As I understand, the Muslim believes in the religion of Islam. In their eyes it is the one true faith. Many religions proclaim to be the one true faith but I as a Christian have never referred to a Muslim as an “Infidel” as they have me.

Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me.

Unfortunately on many youtube clips I consistently hear more than just words from 12 year old children. Without urging, they proclaim their desire to kill the “Infidels”, naming Europeans and Americans specifically. This is not a threat it is a promise. Nor is it just a child’s idle rambling.

I can understand the hatred of one people being occupied by another. After all our history had its founding in that attitude. I don’t believe, however, that British soldiers were ever killed by colonists because they believed in the Church of England.

Most recently a high ranking government official in Britain resigned from service. She wrote a lengthy reason for her actions. She referenced the government’s current position regarding action in Iraq and other Middle Eastern countries. It was well written and easily understandable. However, she encapsulated her entire position in one sentence that should give us all pause.

Paraphrasing she said that when a country’s actions, whether she agreed or disagreed, conflicted with her religious position she would always, as a Muslim, adhere to the will of Allah.

How many of her fellow believers do not openly resign but continue to stay in governmental service to simply undermine for the benefit of Islam? Perhaps that is why there is rarely an outcry of protest objecting to Jihadist actions against the so called “Infidels”.

The conclusion to be drawn from both the 12 year old ISIS soldier and the experienced government official is that as a Muslim their actions are dictated by the perceived teachings of Mohammed regardless of their consequences.

Hypothetically, this could explain many of the unexplained actions that The 44th has taken over the past 5 years that he has been in office. As he gets closer to the end of his term we may see more and more things that are the “Will of Allah” as opposed to “In God We Trust”.