Is Venice the Next Crimea

Posted: Mar 25, 2014 12:01 AM
Is Venice the Next Crimea

So now apparently, it is the Venetians who want to break away from the Italians. But isn’t Venice a part of Italy? Apparently they have been emboldened by the actions of the Crimeans in their recent annexation with Russia.

According to reports the people of Venice are tired of supporting the rest of the country. The majority of payers are in the Canal City and the majority of receivers are in the rest of the country. How do you say “enough is enough” in Italian?

Likewise the trumpets are blaring for parts of the Southwest, most notably, Arizona and Texas, to secede from the Union. The Western rationale is much like the Venetian rationale. The cost of supporting an over burdensome, increasingly growing, government incentivized group of people is becoming too much to bear. As “being entitled” becomes not A way of life but THE way of life, personal frustration becomes so overwhelming that one of two extremes is called for. Either everyone throws in the towel and gives up or a new government is formed to replace that which the founding fathers said should not be preserved, to paraphrase Thomas Jefferson.

While all this is going on, it, perhaps, is time to examine the secession that should have occurred decades ago.

When people hear my accent they simply say “a New Yorker” and assume that I am from the City. The truth is that my twang is decidedly from Upstate, closer to Rochester.

Upstate New York has been the whipping boy for the Big Apple for years. The spiraling, out of control, social programs and Wall Street cronyism are all epitomized by the boroughs. The difference between upstate and downstate is so clear that even a cave man could see it. (apologies extended to a certain company)

One would think that as the overwhelming amount of tax dollars flow south of the Hudson a corresponding return on investment would be achieved by some clout at the ballot box. But, alas, no such luck as votes become like wisps in a wind, since the Empire State is really the Empire City.

Yes, the folks in the Crimea, Venice, Tucson and Dallas may be on to something. For years we have been thinking about it, perhaps it now is time to take it the next step.

It has a nice ring.