Steal, stealing, stolen

Posted: Dec 06, 2011 12:01 AM

It’s almost stunning how history repeats itself.  As you study the great empires you get a flavor for their proverbial rise and fall.  

There are the obvious, from Rome to the UK, and from Germany to America.  However, a deeper study will show that many countries, not empires, that have been quietly taken over result in a complete change of culture and being.  

Currently, the rise and fall, as well as the takeover, is being experienced by the U.S.  During the 20th century, Russia, China, Japan, and Germany, just to name a few, saw periods of recession and depression that fostered and gave birth to movements that would change the world. 

From Communism to Militarism, and Fascism to Nazism, the people were ready for something different.  

But the fascinating aspect is those that led the new movement were often promising a return to the glories of the past, an all too familiar charade. 

The common thread of takeover was for the middle and upper class to go into denial.  How could a little paper-hanger be taken seriously in Germany? 

After all, the civilized culture of art, music, and the inter-relationship between Jews and Christians had made the German culture one to be envied and admired.  

The business acumen of the Chinese has been world renowned and the prosperity of this Asian form of capitalism could not be questioned, until it was, and a little known cultural leader named Mao enflamed a continent.  

The similarities of both were that most people went about their business without speaking out, and firmly believing that “it can’t happen here.”

Now, it’s our turn.

MF Global steals clients’ money to support their lost sovereign debt trade, and Jon Corzine is not sure whether he will appear at a Congressional hearing.  

Joe Biden shows up in Greece and announces that his travelling companion is from the U.S. Treasury carrying bags of money stolen from U.S. taxpayers.  

Ben Bernanke and Tim Geithner encouraged the IMF to do more in Europe by stealing U.S. taxpayer money.  

Senators and Congressmen look for ways to continue the payroll tax cut which is simply money stolen from the Social Security fund.  

Steal, stealing, stolen. 

This is happening every single day.  

In asking the average middle-class person what is happening in the world, they will tell you Green Bay is still undefeated, home short sales are the way to go, and Christmas sales could be outstanding this year.  

Oh, and Justin Bieber is really cute. 

The magician directs our attention to the right hand as he performs a trick with his left hand.  As we smile at a rising stock market, the underlying fabric of our country has risen and now has fallen, and is not so quietly being taken over. 

Takeovers of countries start out quietly and small, characterized by the general population either not comprehending what is going on or just not caring whatsoever. 

Yet, the speed and ease of takeover accelerates until it’s too late. 

Those who have been taken over wake up one day and think “Oh my God, what has happened?”  

I know you’re saying not here, can’t happen, we’re the good old United States of America, its different this time. 

Unfortunately, it’s never “different this time.” 

History is the proof.