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“If this were played upon a stage now, I would condemn it as an improbable fiction.” – William Shakespeare

From black faces to black eyes, the Virginia Democratic Party is in a world of hurt. The whole world may be a stage, but for once the Democratic Party is getting played, and even the legacy liberal media cannot back away.


For the last two years, conservatives have watched the liberal media prop up Democrats, turning a blind eye to their indiscretions, their sexual perversions, and their rank, abysmal cultural Marxism. Conservatives had to suffered them playing the gender card, race card, the 1 percent card.

But now the house of cards is tumbling down on them! This is a great day. Andrew Breitbart’s dream has become our reality. The alternative media, read REAL NEWS, first scooped the public on the truth about Ralph Northam’s racist past. Apparently, the photo was leaked to Big League Politics because of Governor Northam’s plainspoken support for infanticide. Then the legislator who submitted a bill just like the one in New York State—no, in fact WORSE than Cuomo’s bill—flummoxed to justify killing a living child whom the mother did not want.

There is no justification for murder. None, and yet the Democratic Party has become not just the part of slavery, secession, segregation, and socialism … They are now the party of infanticide. They have lost all morality authority at this point, not that they ever had any to begin with.

What’s really cunning about the Virginia Democratic Party’s predicament, however, is that no matter what they do, no matter which card they play, they lose.

The race card? Then-medical student Ralph Northam personally turned in a photo of himself either in blackface or wearing a Ku Klux Klan outfit. In a petty attempt to cover for his black covering, he claimed that he had dressed up as Michael Jackson, including the blackface. Not helping!


Now Virginia’s Attorney General Mark Herring has been forced to come clean, and he had to admit that he had dressed up in blackface when he was in college too. YIKES. It’s so bad, Herring had to step down as vice-chair of the Democratic Attorney General’s Association. Now “Reverend” Al Sharpton is calling for Herring’s resignation.

But what about the women card? Remember during the 2012 and 2014 elections that the Democratic Party went to great lengths to paint the Republican Party as anti-woman? Now the #MeToo scandals enveloped more political careers around the country (mostly Democrats, of course). On top of that, the Democrats tried to use the same card against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Multiple allegations of assault, rape, and binge drinking seemed certain to derail Trump’s second SCOTUS nomination. That failed, and Republicans confirmed a second conservative justice to the United States Supreme Court. With no evidence, with specious witnesses and testimonials, without proof, the legacy media went after Kavanaugh, and before that they had derailed Judge Roy Moore’s bid for US Senate. They had no evidence, but they ratcheted up guilt by association.

Now we have Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax. He has been accused of detailed sexual assault allegations. The accuser has provided clear, consistent evidence of this. The Lieutenant Governor has forcibly admitted that his encounter with the woman was “consensual.” Again, not helping!

Whatever happened to “believe all women," Democrats?

They can’t flee their own standards, now, can they? The liberal legacy media has no choice. Either they hold the Virginia Democratic Party Executive Trifecta to their standards, or they lose further readership and marketshare. The Democratic Party of Virginia is screwed either way too. Either they follow their arbitrary standards of identity politics at all costs and demand the three executives step down—and they will lose power. Or … they stand by their men, and the Democratic Party of Virginia and other state parties hemorrhage huge losses around the country. Either way, Democrats lose and Republicans win!


This is beyond a historic opportunity. A state that was just two votes away from becoming a Democratic trifecta will become a GOP trifecta all over again! In one day! Of course, I shouldn’t count my GOP trifectas before they're spawned. The same Republican Party of Virginia is still holding court, sort of. The same GOP that couldn’t find incriminating, racist photos in a yearbook. The same Country Club Republicans whose chairman resigned as soon as Corey Stewart won his party’s nomination for the US Senate race.

If Virginia House of Delegates Speaker Kirk Cox becomes the next governor, will he embrace Trump’s policies and brute, calculating political will? Will he sign off on legislation to ban sanctuary cities, which disgraced (former?!) Governor Ralph Northam had promised to sign, then reneged on supporting as soon as the bill came to his desk? Will Cox ban infanticide for good? Let’s not forget that this was the same General Assembly which approved Medicaid Expansion, even after the last Republican Governor, Bobby McDonnell, rejected the idea out of hand.

And which leaders will Cox appoint to take over for Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General? This Republican coup, without firing a shot, could fizzle out as fast as it sparked if the grassroots of Virginia’s conservative committees don’t take charge and run with their newly-minted authority. There are so many questions that will come in play, and all of it within nine months of the next round of General Assembly elections.

Whatever the outcome, voters in the Old Dominion and throughout the United State should celebrate that even though Democratic tyrants won at the ballot box, they are losing big time in the court of public opinion. Finally, we are witnessing the crumbling of the media wall which had so securely preserved the worst of Democratic politicians. Now their own hypocrisy has forced them to report on the Democratic Party’s bigotry, sexism, racism, and long history of fraud.


Should anyone be surprised to see this going down in Virginia? Their motto is “Sic Semper Tyrannus," after all!

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