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When I was a teacher, I learned early the importance of establishing clear rules and expectations in the classroom. Students needed to know the code of conduct going in, and they also needed to know the consequences which would follow if they did not follow through. One of the biggest challenges new teachers face is discipline, though, even after laying down the rules and the consequences. All the talk in the world means nothing if teachers don’t follow through. They lose control of the classroom.  


The same thing is happening at the national level. It’s astonishing how slow the wheels of justice have been rolling to enforce immigration laws and punish elected officials who defy federal law.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions, where are you?!   

Illegal aliens are blocking streets in California, going on public marches from New York City to Washington DC. At least law enforcement arrested them outside of the city limits before they entered. California’s lawless attorney general Xavier Becerra has threatened businessmen that if they cooperate with ICE. The starting fine is $10,000, followed by jail time for repeated offenses. What more do we need to do to get the Feds to do their job?

We are living in dangerous times, where civil unrest has become the norm in ways that no one would have ever imagined. Sanctuary cities have doubled down on their opposition to the president, hosting town halls and private events to teach illegal aliens how to skirt public laws. Add to this sanctioned miscreance the record number of felons released from California’s prisons into county jails and then in turn onto our streets, and we have the poisonous recipe for anarchy and anomie on another level.

The most egregious salvo for this “Resistance” is in the heart of Oakland, California. Once the cradle of Republicanism (albeit with a slight progressive strain) and the home city of wild right-wing radio host Wally George, the city has become a lawless, homeless encampment of crime and corruption. And the mayor, Libby Schaaf, doesn’t even want to govern. Last month, Schaaf declared that she had no problem with going to jail to protect her city’s “immigrant” community. Her virtue signaling has had a small effect on the enforcement of immigration laws. Last week, she alerted the city and the Bay Area region as a whole. That tip frustrated the apprehension of 800 illegals. 


ICE has still arrested nearly 400 illegal aliens notwithstanding, but this brazen, lawless behavior must be confronted.  Acting Director Thomas Homan determined that the Oakland Mayor’s perverse tip borders on obstruction of justice, and right now the Department of Homeland Security is looking at their legal options.

They need to lock her up. If Libby wants to pay lip service to the rule of law while harboring criminal illegal aliens in our country, then let’s make her dreams come true. Lock her up, Sessions! The corrupt disregard for our nation’s immigration laws has imposed a greater cost than most can fathom. It’s bad enough that illegals find more recourse and invitation to break into this country. Sanctuary cities are not just harboring those who have entered the country illegally. They are not just welcoming and protecting illegal aliens dead-set on continuing to commit crimes, including identity theft and fraud with the tacit blessing of left-wing politicos. Sanctuary cities are not repositories of immense corruption, on a scale which will make the Bell scandals a complete nothing-burger.

Maywood, California, once a working-class enclave of World War II veterans seeking to start their lives anew after fighting fascism abroad, has turned into yet another third world hell-hole, complete with massive malfeasance, corruption, and full-on incompetence among elected officials. After nearly two years of financial audits and repeated reports from local officials and citizen journals, the LA County District Attorney’s office served multiple search warrants. They searched four of the city council members’ homes, their businesses, along with private firms contracted to the city. Even the city manager and other city staff received some unexpected visits.


What triggered this en masse search and seizure? The latest fiscal audience uncovered massive spending problems. The city was already $15 million in arrears with creditors. Add to that the unsound bidding process, plus the last-minute hire of a city manager whom the mayor met at his mechanic shop. The city manager has no prior government experience, yet he’s getting six figures to manage the city. Yes, this is happening. 

How could this happen, though? Where is the citizenry? More than half of the city is illegal, for starters. Reports indicate that the elected officials hire illegals for their businesses. Add to that the underground pre-eminence of violent gangs, and legal residents, born and naturalized, are afraid to speak out. The few activists who show up to every meeting confront a city council which runs like a circus, including a clown with dubious ties to a bingo charity.

This manifold corruption is the norm in sanctuary cities, especially throughout the Southeastern Los Angeles County region, where predominantly segregated Latino communities have pretty much looked the other way while their elected officials rip off the public treasury. Elected officials blow off federal law already. Should we be surprised that they lie to the local public and line their pockets in the process?

Attorney General Jeff Sessions, where are you? We have waited long enough for justice to run down as waters. If you won’t do the job, then it’s time for you to step aside. Lawlessness has begotten more lawlessness in sanctuary cities and states. How many more lives will be lost to this rampant civic disorder. The mayor of Oakland could have sent out the alert secretly, but she publicly declared that she snitched on ICE operations. You cannot allow this to go unchallenged.


How much easier can I make it, AG Sessions? Make Libby Schaaf’s dreams come true: Lock her up!


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