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The reports are trickling onto the blogosphere. We should expect “full Trump” in 2018. Great to hear it. I have contended with left-leaning elements in Southern California who have routinely taunted me about one or two slip-ups throughout the year. “You guys are losing! You guys are losing.” Really? Republicans have 26 trifectas, including West Virginia, when the governor Jim Justice ran as a Democrat, then switched parties. On top of that, Republicans have 7 more governorships. In spite of the epic loss in Alabama, Republicans are facing a mixed bag of action and activism across the country in 2018.


On top of that, the list of Trump’s conservative victories cannot be understated. Regulatory rollbacks have ended up cutting 22 rules for every rule introduced. We have not seen that kind of government and cost-cutting in our lifetime. Energy production is continuing at full tilt, from the Keystone and Dakota Pipelines, to the dismantling of Obama’s Clean Power Plant program, and now the tax reform package which opens up Northern Alaska to oil-drillings. These measures have been long in waiting. 

The President took us out of one bad deal after another, including the TPP, the Paris Climate Accords, the UN Migration program, and NAFTA is on the chopping block. Congress should cut all funding for all the Agenda 21 nullities in blue states like California and New York.

Illegal immigration is down—way down, deportations have increased, and the border patrol is getting tough, now that the shackles have been taken off.

The tax reform package will grant massive relief to American workers across the country, allowing 91% of families to keep more of their own money, and avoid the outrageous and unjust Obamacare individual mandate.

If this is losing, the Democrats are going to flip when we really start winning! President Trump and the Republican Congress ended up racking up quite a successful year.

But hold on, President Trump. If you really plan on doubling down and showing us everything that you are made of, you need to check off the following goals on your list. Because of Alabama, I am convinced that Republican Congress losing one ruby-red senate seat lit a fire under everyone’s butts in Washington to get busy and go full MAGA.


Here’s what needs to be done:

  1. Build the wall. Prototypes are nice, but I won’t rest at ease until that force, barrier, whatever you want to call it is getting built along the Southern Border. We need that barrier especially because after you leave office, the next President and Congress may target the swift enforcement of our immigration laws, or even pass amnesty! The wall cannot be removed once it’s constructed.
  2. No DACA! Period! There is no deal that will justify any kind of amnesty. Stop pulling our chains on this very contentious prospect. (Did I mention “Build the wall”?)
  3. Because of the judicial hold-up on your lawful executive orders going after sanctuary cities and instituting travel bans, how about going after the rogue federal judges in those courts? It’s time to discuss jurisdiction stripping or funding stripping for these judicial activists. They are not the law, and they do not get to legislate away your powers. How about drawing up a list of bad judges and seeking articles of impeachment against them?
  4. Obamacare has not been fully repealed, Mr. President. I know it makes a great talking point, and the individual mandate was the heart and soul of that cruel program, but we are not done yet. When GOP Establishment squish Lindsey Graham is on your side, and when he is openly slamming Majority Leader McConnell’s intimation to back away from Obamacare repeal, you know you have a winning chance. Now that Congressional Republicans know that  they are under the gun to perform and fulfill these promises, I know that Speaker Ryan and Leader McConnell will find conservative incentives to get wayward Republicans onboard, including Dean Heller, whose re-election bid is getting more tenuous by the minute. Make this happen! Repeal Obamacare, its taxes, its subsidies, its massive regulatory burdens. Don’t let anyone hold you back from that.
  5. National reciprocity must happen next year. Congressman Richard Hudson’s bill actually passed the House in December 2017 with Democratic votes! NRA leaders were ecstatic about this victory. The Senate version should mirror the House version, with clear limits on background checks. Do it for Shaneen Allen, the single mom from Philadelphia who was arrested in New Jersey for … having a permit to carry, but not from New Jersey. This is madness.
  6. It’s time for the National Right to Work Act. The legislation was introduced early in 2017. Why the hold-up? Republicans turned the Rust Belt ruby red because of collective bargaining reforms. Your 2016 victory depended on the strength of conservative grassroots not getting mowed down by Big Labor. Your promised to get this done, so do it!
  7. We need to see indictments against Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, the Awan Brothers, and the rest of the liberal Democratic swamp that tried to undo the will of the people last year. The Deep State is not slinking away. They worked for decades for such consummate power in Washington DC. It needs to stop. 
  8. Also, why not sponsor a contest among your cabinet members? The first one to systematically dismantle his or her department the fastest will be able to keep the job. The one who accomplishes the least? “You’re Fired!” While you’re at it, Trump, issue another executive order: grant civil servant managers a pay raise per percentage of taxpayer dollars they save in their respective departments. This measure will spur the incentive to cut costs.
  9. Once again, Mr. President: Build the wall, nice and tall. Add another ten feet just because.

Is this a tall order, Mr. President? Sure, but you’re up to the task. You’ve accomplished so much already, and we want to see you on a roll next year.

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