Will Populist Trump Turn into a Schwarzenegger Squish?

Posted: Jul 11, 2017 12:01 AM
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Will Populist Trump Turn into a Schwarzenegger Squish?

I love our president, Donald Trump. He exceeds my expectations, and mine have never been watered down to suit a candidate I did not want. A progressive here in California mocked me for saying “I love President Trump.” She claimed that I idolized the president. What can I say? Trump shows a class and a dignity for our armed men and women, especially veterans. This kind of heart-felt patriotism is no joke, not an act. The latest video going viral shows President Trump stopping to pick up the cap which fell from the marine standing guard next to Air Force One. I don’t recall President Bush or Obama taking a similar stride. Of course, Obama was much worse to our military, saying and doing nothing while veteran deaths and suicides skyrocketed during his tenure.

Also, for all her unjust mockery, that progressive loves Bernie Sanders, and the rest of the left-wing cabal taking over California has painted murals and banners dedicated to Bernie and his Revolution. Of course, they get awfully silent when I mention that he and his wife are under investigation for bank fraud. Sure, the rich are getting richer, and the poor are getting poorer—but that’s only happening in Democratically-dominated states and socialist countries, the same political climes where Bernie’s brand of bolshevism thrives.

Then there’s President Trump. He stopped the irreversible slide of our nation into abject liberalism unhinged, with totalitarian dictator Crooked Hillary at the helm. He has done more for our veterans in six months than the previous two administrations. Unreal, but true. When was the last time anyone of us read in the press that 500 crooked or incompetent VA employees were fired? Finally, someone from the outside has gone inside to shake things up.

I must admit and I believe that many still fear that this populist president will sour on us. As a Californian, I was so leery of the Trump Presidency. After all, it was House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (another Californian, this time from Bakersfield) who suggested to Joe Scarborough and Co. that Trump’s nomination and campaign reminded him of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s populist bid for governor of California in 2003. That remark offered me even less assurance about a future Trump Presidency.

A little background to clear up the foreground and confirm my trust in President Trump.

In 2003, Californians were mad. Energy markets had overcharged us for electricity. Democratic Governor Gray Davis tripled the car tax. The state legislature passed a bill allowing illegal aliens to get driver’s licenses. California was going bankrupt, unable to balance the books. The uproar from across the state not only pushed for repeal of the driver’s license law, but erupted into a full-blown recall campaign.

I voted for McClintock, convinced that Schwarzenegger was too liberal. He dodged difficult questions, and refused to participate in any debates until the very end. The best line? “Arianna, I have the perfect role for you in my next movie!” Indeed, he had starred in another iteration of the Terminator franchise, in which he trashed a female cyborg assassin, by shoving her metallic head into a toilet bowl. I still laugh at the line to this day.

Sadly, Schwarzenegger’s administration was no laughing matter. A moderate outsider who had run on a campaign reminiscent of making California great again, he did some good during the first part of his first tenure. He repealed the car tax. He called the Democrats “Girlie men.” He pushed an outstanding set of initiatives to beat down Big Labor and beef up educational accountability.

Those reforms failed, and his resolve as a leader fizzled. During his second term, he morphed into an accommodationist liberal puppet. He bowed down to the California Teachers Association. He ignored conservative controversies. He signed off on the green scheme cap-and-trade. He never campaigned for Republicans. Aside from blocking bad proposals, including gay marriage and open border policies, Arnold went along with the same bloated budgets.

Will Trump become the same terminated wannabe Terminator?

Looking at the president’s first six months, I rest assured that my vote was not a bad gamble but the right choice. Granted we are only through the first half of the first year of his presidency, but I am convinced that we don’t have a spineless Schwarzenegger-type in the White House. Trump has governed quite conservatively in contrast to his prior liberal-leaning rhetoric:

  • He has defunded overseas abortions, and even extended the Mexico-city gag rule. He has also personally vouched to do everything possible to help little Charlie Gard in the United Kingdom. Trump is probably the most pro-life resident in our nation’s history.
  • Even more than Reagan and definitely more than California Governor Schwarzenegger, Trump has openly avowed and acknowledged this country’s legacy, need, and commitment to Almighty God. I cannot think of any better spokesman than Trump, a man with clear flaws yet who was unafraid to admit to them, especially following the scandalous remarks to Billy Bush from 11 years ago.
  • Illegal immigration is getting the drastic attention it needs. A border wall, coupled with tracking down VISA overstays and defunding sanctuary cities is an agenda anyone could be proud of.
  • He has negotiated a hiring freeze within the federal government and has appointed definitive executive leadership within in his cabinet to root out waste and cut costs. It’s good news to hear when the new Secretary of State Rex Tillerson announces intentions to cut the State Department staff by 21 percent.
  • I have given this incredible portion of his legacy great attention, and he still deserves praise for doing so: Trump has trashed the biased, corrupt media in a sound yet profound fashion.
  • Unlike Schwarzenegger, who gave a fluffy keynote speech on family values at the 2004 RNC Convention, Trump defends them.

Will Trump turn into a liberal squish? No way. He has passed this test with flying colors. I look forward to eight more years of Trump terminating the liberal opposition in Washington and across the country.