Staying Woke: Angry Trump Supporters Lay Siege to Welfare Queen Maxine

Posted: Jun 26, 2017 12:01 AM
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Congresswoman Maxine Waters, aka Welfare Queen Maxine, held her second town hall.

This woman has taken out-of-touch insanity to a whole new level. She still demands the impeachment of our president, even though the fired FBI Director admitted that he was leaking classified data to the press, and both sides of the aisle now acknowledge (Republicans knew it all along) that Trump and Russia never colluded to fix the election.

But that has not stopped Waters from lying repeatedly to her constituents. Nor has she stopped taking on the moniker of “Auntie Maxine” to wayward millennials. They realize that Barack Obama was using them for the last eight years, sticking them with the largest national debt in history, combined with diminished job opportunities and exorbitant student loan and healthcare costs. The millennials are our latest lost generation, and they need any elderly figure ready to ride high on the lies that more government is the answer to all their problems.

What will they think when Bernie Sanders and wife face investigations for the socialist steering big money to help her firm? Come to think of it, Waters had done something similar for her husband. She complains about two scoops, but she has passed only three bills. She’s also been ranked four times as the "most corrupt" in Congress. “Stay woke!” Auntie Maxine assures her supporters.

And yet, in Gardena, CA, the Freeway City where local Republican leadership balanced budgets and welcomed small business, Waters didn’t find the groundswell of support she had been hoping for. No Antifa, no Black Lives Matter. Instead, Trump supporters, conservative Republicans, angry constituents of all backgrounds, and outraged patriots (including the hardcore Proud Boys) showed up to take her on. Waters’ maniacal hatred for President Trump and her rampant disregard for citizens and our Constitution have gone unchecked for too long.

I endured being escorted out of her first town hall. I would not tolerate disrespect this time. I was prepared to make my point, even if I couldn’t say it to her face (See picture above). For the first time in her too-long career, the queen faced a full-court siege against her pre-eminence. Angry voters in California are “woke”, recognizing that playing nice and tolerating the abusive evil of the Democratic hordes and their enabling corporate bundlers will no longer work.

The last bastions of the Democratic Party are the urban ghettos and the public schools, and both of them are falling apart fast. Freedom, innovation, and real education are breaking the chains of the progressive Left. They don’t control the media narrative anymore, either. Perhaps that’s one reason why the press didn’t show up in larger droves at this town hall. And that ties into the first thing I noticed. Where was the press?

Then came the lines of constituents to enter. I had signed up two weeks ago, only to get an email the day before that only constituents who lived in the district could attend the town hall inside. She promised an overflow room for those who wanted to attend. What?! Maxine Waters doesn’t even live in her own district. We the taxpaying stakeholders pay her salary, but we can’t see her in person?!

As soon as we learned this, pandemonium broke out among the Trump supporters, although some of them had prepared for this outrage. Others didn’t even want to go in! All of us blared out on bullhorns, loudspeakers, and never-ending shouts. We stayed “woke” alright, drowning out her annoying, repetitive lies about Obamacare, Russia, and our president.

One press agent inside the town hall recorded her incessant call to “Impeach 45”, but the Los Angeles Times could not run from the louder chants of “USA! USA!” and “Impeach Maxine!” outside. If Waters didn’t want to see us, she definitely had to hear us! A few Trump supporters made it into the meeting, and walked around with “Impeach Mad Max” signs. Meanwhile at every exit, Trump supporters lined up with signs and bullhorns blaring. For decades, Democratic Congressmen have gotten away with just about everything. Activists leaned to the left, and devoured Republicans every chance they could. Eight years of Obama and his community organizing cabal pushed the limits of raw power into the public political sphere. Waters would have to face the deluge from Americans fed up with her socialist pandering and race-baiting.

For twenty minutes after her town hall, she could not escape from the building. She tried exiting one way, but we caught her off guard. As soon as the police walked out, then rolled back in, announcing “She’s not coming out.”

What is it, Maxine? I thought you weren’t afraid of anybody!” I taunted.

Finally, Gardena Police and her servile handlers guided her out a back door. The boos and hollering rang through the air. “Fire Maxine!” “James Brown wants his wig back!” echoed throughout the block. Some of our citizen-reporters chased her car all the way to the street.

We the People have had enough, and we can’t wait to send her packing. It was a glorious rout against the Welfare Queen from Watts. This is the true Resistance, right in anarchy-ridden California. Can you imagine at any other time in her career, Waters’ getting booed so viciously? It’s a new political game, now, and conservatives are readying for the fight. I bet she never expected that!

I sure didn’t. Election 2012, Republicans didn’t even bother to run against her. Six years later, Omar Navarro—the First Vice-President of the Beach Cities Republicans—is running against her, with an earned Twitter/Facebook/InfoWars profile that most candidates have to pay for. Young voters are joining his campaign, abandoning the rampant communism pushed by their stuffy professors and indoctrinated public schools teachers.

Today, they are turning Waters’ rhetoric on: “We’re not afraid of anybody! This is a tough game. We won’t be intimidated. We won’t be frightened.

“And as far as we’re concerned, Maxine Waters can go straight to hell.”