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Make Education Great Again: Confirm Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education

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President Trump knows how to hire the right people (and I mean that in the moral as well as political sense). US Senator Jeff Sessions for Attorney General has amnesty panderers and gun-runners on edge. He will enforce our laws, and the lawbreakers will be forced to get with the program, or the program will get them.


In spite of his staunchly conservative record, and his open advocacy for crackdowns on illegal immigration and bad trade deals leaving Americans out of work and out in the cold, Sessions has not spooked Organizing for Action and the piranha-like ravening of the Left like Betsy DeVos, the nominee for Secretary of Education.

I have never gotten so much email, spams, and petitions from the Left. It’s a tidal wave of hate against her! Some of the email subject lines read:

  •        Say no to DeVos
  •        Stand Up Against DeVos!
  •        Stop DeVos
  •        Add your name: Block the Appointment of Betsy DeVos

Honesty, the progressive, liberals, the insane leftists have spent more time attacking this woman than President Trump over the last three weeks!

What gives? What do they have against this lady?

Oh, sure … we’ve heard the backward banter and rants from the Democrats on the US Senator HELP (Health, Education, Labor and Pensions) Committee.

Bernie Sanders slammed her millions of dollars’ worth of donations to Republican groups. Please, Weekend at Bernie’s, just sit there and pretend to be paying attention. Senators Bennett and Franken should carry you around and give you an impression of life. Senator Franken certainly, since he’s good enough and smart enough (but I’m not sure if anyone really likes him). Sanders’ anti-rich, anti-capitalist obsession is so old and tired, that no one’s paying attention anymore. There’s nothing wrong with being rich, Bernie—it’s called working. You might want to try it some time.


Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire grilled DeVos about special education. In guilt-inducing fashion, Hassan smeared the Department of Education nominee as out-of-touch and incapable of empathizing with the plights of working families. Hassan hassled DeVos about her knowledge of special education and its federal mandates on the states, too. OK, so DeVos doesn’t seem up to speed on federal bureaucratese. That’s actually a good thing! We don’t need more rules, regulations, and mandates on public education. What the government needs to do is … nothing. How about less regulation, more local control—for parents and students—and CHOICE?!

Then there’s Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts (who lied her way into a university job claiming to be 1/32 of Indian heritage). Her interrogation was merciless, preening for the liberal base, and absolutely rude. As a tradition, HELP Committee members shake the hand of nominees, no matter what the political divide. Warren blew off DeVos and shuffled off without a word. Shameful. No wonder Massachusetts is ready for a change.

In summary, US Senate’s left-flank behaved like antisocial injustice warriors spawned during the Obama era. If Warren and her illiberal colleagues had asked real questions, they would have learned:

  •        DeVos is the champion of rugged, rigorous, real education reform.
  •        She has fought hard for poor and ethnic minorities to get the best education.
  •        She helped expand charter schools in her home state of Michigan. Were some of the bad? Perhaps, but that’s party of the beauty of the charter school movement. Bad schools actually close down! When will the traditional government schools be held to the same standard?
  •        DeVos has channeled her wealth and time toward expanding school choice and vouchers for private schools.

Of course, adding insult to injury, two Republicans on the committee have defected from their caucus and the country—Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski. They will not vote for her on the floor, but will move her nomination forward.

Oh brother.

So, what is going on? Why the relentless attacks against a good woman who cares about children, parents, and good education?

1.  The Education Blob, a.k.a the teachers unions. They know that DeVos is a staunch proponent of choice and accountability, two integral values vilified by Big Labor. They oppose forced unionism for teachers, too. Remember that Richard DeVos, Betsy’s husband, was the eminence grise who brought right-to-work reforms to Michigan in 2012. Trump and Michigan Republicans owe them, since they turned the Wolverine State from blue to a nice shade of red in 2016. She poses a total threat to the Big Labor cabal propped up and prodded along by the National Education Foundation, the American Federation of Teachers, and all lesser teachers unions who have profited from their corrupt, unaccountable representation monopoly over teachers throughout the country.

2. The Common Core phalanx. Contrary to the hyperactive hand-wringing of the high maintenance anti-Common Core crowd, she is not a CC cheerleader. She opposes the program and respects state sovereignty on statewide curricula.


3. Crony, corporate textbook publishers want DeVos to fail, and badly. The gravy train of government school-corporate contract collusion will hit another big beautiful wall with DeVos in place.

4. Pro-LGBT groups and progressive agitators do not want DeVos. She’s a Christian, socially conservative, and her humanitarian efforts in connection with private schools are legendary … and demonized.

5. The entrenched federal bureaucracy. Insiders fear that DeVos will finish off what former President Jimmy Carter started, i.e. abolish the Department of Education. This top-down approach is not a novel subtlety, since President Calvin Coolidge installed cabinet secretaries hostile to government micromanaging, who hastened the decline of wasteful executive departments.

With so many corrupt interests against Betsy DeVos, she must be doing something right.

But wait … two Republicans are voting against her, right?

After probing from the The Daily Caller, lo and behold … Murkowski and Collins are pigging out on Big Labor money. Their objections to DeVos are politics, not principled opposition.

DeVos must win. We need her to Make Education Great Again in the United States.

Click on this link and call those US Senators. Put the heat on them. Them to confirm DeVos for Secretary of Education!


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