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It’s not just Morning in America, people. This is a bright future, which grow until the glorious day. President Trump beat down every Establishment and crony interest to win the Presidency. The inauguration speech he delivered was just what the country needed. Full-throated love and support for America, with a keen attention to restoring all powers not enumerated in the Constitution to the states and the people.


His first executive orders have imposed a hiring freeze in federal employment and end to funding for abortions overseas

Contrary to the prissy whining of the #NeverTrump conservatives, populism does not necessarily clash with conservatism. After all, limiting the state and restoring the power to the individual citizen is the essence limited government, free-market conservatism.

President Donald Trump has been sworn in, with the largest crowds on record (who cares what the lame-scream media has to say. A record number of preachers declared God’s Word without limitation.

James "Mad Dog" Mattis and Michael Flynn have already been sworn in following a swift confirmation. Trump’s other nominees have persevered, despite the embittered interrogations of US Senate Democrats. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders—themselves the perfect image of the walking dead ideology of socialism—resorted to pointed, malicious, and invidious attacks to derail Trump’s nominees.

Their class warfare hate speech is no longer working.

Dr. Tom Price shamed his liberal adversary Lizzie Lie-a-wath-a for subtly accusing him of insider trading. Finally, the conservative bean counters are fighting back! Betsy DeVos had to give Weekend at Bernie Sanders a basic lesson on economics: “Nothing in life is free.” Free college is a total scam, anyway, since someone (that’s you and me) will have to pay for it. Senator Pat Roberts from Kansas gently gibed Ron Wyden of Oregon. What Democrat would not need a valium at this point? After all, their progressive socialist agenda has been soundly rejected at every turn, and they are watching the conservative resurgence with boxing gloves beating them in the public sphere.


Even Energy Secretary nominee Rick Perry poked fun at Al Franken’s expense. I was waiting for someone to say that Perry was “good enough, smart enough, and dog-gone it, people like him. Oh well.” Perhaps frankly unfunny Franken should go back to SNL, and spend his declining years with fellow unfunny liberals in New York City.

And you know that Washington has changed when Lindsey Graham apologizes to Ted Cruz for wishing him shot dead on the US Senate floor. They even co-authored a bill move the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, the Jewish State’s true capital.

Republican insiders are predicting that Trump will outshine Ronald Reagan. Trump prepared to outshine previous administrations when he illuminated the true meaning of America as “the city on a hill.” Like Newt Gingrich indicated, Reagan beat down Communism beyond our shores. Now we need someone to finish the job without our own borders. For decades, conservative activists like the late Phyllis Schlafly railed against subsequent Republican lawmakers who tried to slow down or maintain the New Deal/Socialist status quo. Today, we have a conservative/populist street fighter who will destroy the old order and usher in a new America, one where liberty reigns supreme, and abject, unfettered liberalism must resign itself to the margins.

Reagan talked about America as a “city on a hill.” But legislators and leaders afterwards forgot what that meant. When a city shines out as an example, the light inspires other countries to follow suit. Yet for the last 20 years, American military forces have taken down dictators and attempted to impose Jeffersonian republicanism. Reformation must begin from within, before we see Revolution burst forth without.


When the other nations want what we have and work for it where they are, then they will enjoy the same peace and prosperity.

And the Democratic Party is in free-fall, with no real interest in learning from their many mistakes. One outspoken yet ill-informed regressive leftist is trying to slap some sense into his much beleaguered progressive Democrats, but his efforts are growing fruitless, much like trying to waken a corpse. From the mouth of Bill Clinton’s former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich:

“The [Democratic] Party is on life support.”

Amen. Their demise seemed eminent in 1972, following an epic 49 state loss to Richard Nixon (and another wipeout from Reagan in 1984)—but Democrats controlled Congress and state legislatures. Election 1994 was a sweeping win for Republicans at the state level as well as Congress, but they still hadn’t learn to defeat the media at their own game. When establishment Republicans played the same corrupt games as Dems, they got swept out with Obama. His arrogance prospered the Tea Party movement, and Donald Trump will finish the work.

In contrast to the dying Democratic Party (strangling on their own hubris), the United States is prospering again, already. And our leadership is radiating within the halls of Washington throughout the world.

There’s good news, even in California.

Illegals are not enrolling their kids in public schools or get driver’s licenses. California farmers are investing in more mechanized equipment, since they can no longer rely on a steady stream of cheap, illegal laborers.


Mass-murderer Charles Manson is in critical condition, May he die very soon. Why are California taxpayers still footing the bills for his room and board, anyway?

California is receiving unprecedented rainfall. Half the state is no longer in drought. The reservoirs have filled up so quickly, excess water has been released into the ocean. So much for global warming.

A beautiful verse comes to mind:

I will open rivers in high places, and fountains in the midst of the valleys: I will make the wilderness a pool of water, and the dry land springs of water. (Isaiah 41: 18)

Of course, the drought is stagnantly resistant in Los Angeles County, but we conservatives are ready to see pools of conservative resurgence break out, even here!

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