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Ted Cruz just lost New York by a margin so wide he did not win one delegate. Someone took a bite out of his Big Apple chances. In California, we Golden State Republicans have a chance to elect a US Senator to an open seat for the first time in over twenty years. And no one cares. My Assemblyman is the only elected Republican in Los Angeles County, and his victory could chart a course for future victories and bring back conservative balance to the Golden State.


And a group of college GOP from Channel Islands to Chapman U in Orange County walked precincts for him this early.

And yet …

The country is talking about the bathroom.

Has a spate of incontinence afflicted the nation? Are senior citizens losing their Depends? Or have our parents failed to properly potty train our youth?


The Big LGBT Hate Machine, all flush with proud and indulged cultural Marxism, has focused on potty time for its next phase of conquest against Middle America in the culture wars. Individuals should be allowed to enter the bathrooms which correspond with the gender of their choice, not their biological characteristics, the Left argues. Men who think that they are women can go into the women’s restroom without fear of reprisal or shame.

This “progressive reform” measure should work out for the best, right?

*Boosh!* Pull the handle on this one. Perverts, pedophiles, and just plain weirdoes are exploiting this abrasive openness, from Washington state to the University of Toronto. For decades, transgenderism, or transvestite behavior, hovered on the margins as cultural curiosities or the facades of stage and screen, nothing more. Now, along with the militant homosexuality movements overtaking the Supreme Court to the local school board, the fight for men who think they are women (and vice versa) has pitted the individual beliefs of men and women against the Silent (and Normal) Majority of Americans.

But nope. This culture war is real, and is being waged right in my backyard, and in states throughout the country. Illinois, Missouri, and even South Dakota, where the Republican governor of South Dakota caved to the tear-jerking of a few transgendered individuals. The sexual revolution has transformed into a tyrannical revolt against individual liberty and small business owners. Christian bakers face lawsuits and seizure of property for refusing to participate in same-sex wedding celebrations.


Now this discrimination against small business and proprietary rights has taken a sinister turn. In Long Beach, California, a men’s only barber shop was sued because the owners refused to serve a “transgender male.” My first thought? Cut the crap! Liberal attorney/busybody sees discrimination, all while thinking “Cut the check!” for the attorney’s fees she will reap.

And the devolution is swirling lower and lower.

Students in California are now choosing their gender. Rather than providing expert counseling and encouraging young people to honor and respect their biological traits, public education is accommodating this insanity. It’s happening in Los Angeles Unified already! The local papers in my neighborhood celebrate this delusion.

In a South Los Angeles high school, kids—male and female—were taking selfies in the same bathroom to celebrate this dangerous destruction between male and female. It was sick, sad, stupid, and a sign of worse things to come if parents and communities don’t stand up and shout “Stop!” One has to wonder how long it will take before young males slip into these bathrooms and find ways to take “selfies” of unwitting females in compromising situations, to post all over the Internet.

This is abusive. This is wrong. This must cease.

Let’s be frank about the core issue: the permanence of gender, and the obscenity of trying to ignore the blessed yet essential differences between male and female. Transgenderism is a mental disorder. Do not take my word for it. Walt Heyer, the author of Paper Genders and an activist against gender dysphoria, has documented the disturbingly high number of individuals who attempt to transform themselves from their biological sex to another. He ought to know: he was abused as kid, from grandma putting him in a purple chiffon dress, to his father molesting him, to the rejection and hurt he faced from peers and colleagues.


Then he found love, unconditional and caring. He received proper counseling, rooted in biological truth and mental awareness.

Bruce Jenner, currently advertising himself as Caitlyn following his sex reassignment surgery, admitted intense shock and disillusionment following the restructuring of his body. Other transgenders have learned—perhaps too late—that reassigning their bodies to reflect a different sex did not undo the pain or trauma of childhood, or resolve the confusion and pain of rejection and poor self-image.

Why can’t more people simply learn to be happy with the parts they were born with?

I do not care what the social justice warriors say. Any he who is pretending to be a she--is still a he. All the cosmetic changes, whether superficial or sub-dermal, cannot change a person’s fundamental DNA. If you are born with XY chromosomes, you are male. If XX, embrace your femininity, because you are a woman!

And this gender bending and blending is putting our loved ones, our community at risk. Target stores have caved to Big Tranny and will require all customers to conform or leave. This father refused to let Target stores turn her daughter into a target.

Hundreds of thousands (including myself) have signed the petition: #BoycottTarget. (Please sign too, if you have not already)

It’s time to pull the plug, or the handle, on this toilet bowl of a social movement.

Let’s get back to basics. The argument for restoring life and family must transcend tradition and rest in the truth. Men are men, women are women, and anyone who is too scared or socially illiberal to tell the difference needs to be flushed out of the halls of power, from our local schools to the White House.



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