What Trump and His Convention Must Accomplish

Posted: Aug 27, 2020 12:01 AM
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What Trump and His Convention Must Accomplish

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This week is the launch of the Republican National Convention, and it's a pivotal moment for President Donald Trump and the Republican Party. It's Trump's opportunity to highlight his forward vision for the country and to tell the American people how he'll lead us through the coronavirus pandemic.

Republicans need to put forth solutions for American workers and small-business owners who continue to be impacted by COVID-19. Democrats failed to work with Republicans on another much-needed stimulus bill, all while passing a $25 billion USPS stimulus bill for mail-in voting. For Democrats, this is all about politics and not about passing legislation to support Americans who are out of work and need unemployment money or small businesses that have run out of PPP funding and are being forced to close their doors for good.

During the Democratic National Convention, they made an emotional appeal to voters, telling them the sky is falling. But if that is true, then why didn't they offer any substantive policy positions to correct course? They railed against Trump and Republicans for everything wrong in America and the world. Yet, they did not provide specifics for what they would do to fix these perceived problems. The Democrats' failure to offer any substance is an opportunity for Republicans and Trump to do the exact opposite.

During the Republican National Convention, Republicans and Trump need to offer solutions for the rising crime and looting that's wreaking havoc across the United States. Communities and businesses are being destroyed because of Democrats' soft-on-crime policies.

Republicans need to talk about Democrats' continued leftward push and calls for socialism, and the effect that would have on the United States. They need to talk about how, under Democratic leadership, capitalism will come to an end and social welfare programs will bankrupt the country. To draw a contrast, Republicans can talk about opportunities under capitalism that help lift people out of poverty. They need to talk about how, under a capitalist system, everyone has a chance to thrive and reach their version of the American dream. In essence, they need to give people hope, which is what so many desperately need.

Trump has to strike to the right balance and differ from Biden in that he can talk about how great the economy was before COVID-19 and how, under his leadership, he can help America turn the page on the virus and get the economy running again. He needs to lean into the economic gains made during his presidency, and he has to illustrate that only under Republican leadership will those gains return.

Republicans also have an opportunity to talk directly to Americans, particularly America's minority citizens, to offer them opportunities. Many communities across the United States have depended on Democratic leadership for decades, and yet, poverty persists. Republicans need to speak directly to those voters about their realities and not about emotionalism. It's not about liking Trump or Republicans, it's about people's well-being and way of life. For many urban minorities, their lives are worse than they were before.

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This convention has to be about the future and moving forward. A president running for reelection has to tell the American people what he has done and what he continues to do to make the country work for all of its citizens. President Trump can draw a clear contrast between his plans and the plans proposed by Democrats.

This election is one of the most pivotal in our nation's history. America is at a crossroads, and voters must decide between embracing socialism, lawlessness and open borders or capitalism, faith, family, community and opportunity. This is what the Republicans' message needs to be: opportunity for all Americans.