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Occupy Blood in the Streets, the Town of Tampa

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On August 27, organizations such as Code Pink, Students for a Democratic Society, various labor unions and Occupy movements are converging on Tampa, Florida for what they’re calling the “March on the RNC”. 

This will mark the third convention in a row where protestors have promised to disrupt the GOP.   

Following is part of their press release:

“In Congress and in states across the country, the Republicans and their Tea Party allies have unleashed a war on the people of this country. While the Republicans bailed out Wall Street, many of us lost our homes. While they push tax cuts for the rich, they are destroying working families and our way of life by cutting programs that serve us. The Republicans are trying to break our unions and take away our right to bargain collectively. They are spearheading attacks on immigrants and promoting an agenda of racism and hatred.”

Their website says, “Whether you are working to defend reproductive rights, standing up against attacks on immigrants and racist discrimination, resisting attacks on working people, or saying no to government cutbacks, we can come together from across the country to let our voices be heard.”

Right.  It’s not like their voices aren’t heard enough on every network TV program, in every periodical, every sitcom, TV drama and cable news network save one…but I digress…

“We're calling on all those ready to fight back against the attacks launched by the Republican Party and their corporate masters,” the peaceful pacifists say, “to take to the streets and demand a better future for our families, our communities and our children.”

They are also urging people to take lots of videos of “days of action” and “battles won”. 

Let’s see…War…take to the streets…fight back…battles won…are these perhaps some of the reasons why Homeland Security recently put in a last-minute purchase for $1.9 million worth of riot gear and supplies for the RNC? 

From the Tampa Bay Times, “Homeland Security officials sought bids for supplying 147 sets of riot helmets, upper body and shoulder protectors, shin guards and tactical gloves. The agency also wants to buy a few extra sets of forearm protectors and thigh and groin protectors.”

So far, the Tampa Police Department is estimating that there will be approximately 15,000 protesters, “most of whom are expected to be peaceful.”  (Emphasis added.)  It sounds to me they might need more than just 147 riot helmets, but I’m not in charge….

Their Facebook page, Coalition to March on the RNC, says they are a “coalition of community groups, students, working families, and people across the country organizing to protest the attacks on the 99% by the Republican Party.”

Here’s a recent exchange by some jittery-sounding Facebook posters: 

“Law enforcement is monitoring the communications of #RNC protestors.”

Geoffrey Mason As long as they are only monitoring the "chatter"

Thomas Otto Tell them they can bite me.

Geoffrey Mason ?"You may bite Thomas Otto"

Matt Guccitime Dierlam they can kiss my ass

Code Pink is planning their own extra-special protest at the RNC with women dressed as giant vaginas.  ( Their site explains: 

“Eve Ensler famously said: ‘My vagina's furious and it needs to talk.’ Our vaginas need to talk, too. They need to talk about the way women's rights are threatened worldwide--from anti-choice legislation to inappropriate rape jokes to economic inequality to war and occupation overseas that disproportionately affect women’s lives…”

All I can say is that I hope they have emergency doctors on hand when the hot and humid Tampa weather gets to these strange costumed people…

The March on the RNC website is hosted by an organization called  Among other things, MayFirst is helping organize the November 2012 World Social Forum on Palestine in Brazil.

Here’s a complete list of the groups that will be participating.

One thing I didn’t see anywhere on the website was any type of rule or warning about not resorting to violence.  It’s almost like—dare I say it—they’re maybe hoping for a little action out there at the RNC? 

Nah, I’m sure with folks like Code Pink and the Occupy crowd attending, nothing bad can happen.  Right?

Peace Frog?

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