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I have never consumed alcoholic beverages in my life, but I have heard of this thing called a drinking game. It goes something like this: a wager is made on the number of times something happens or is said. For every time it happens, or is said, those involved must drink a shot of an alcoholic beverage. 


Now that we know Joe Biden will be announcing a campaign for reelection, I must ask, how many times will we hear Democrats, progressive socialist leftists, drone on about Mega MAGA Republicans? 

Obviously, some acolyte of Saul Alinsky came up with this cute little ditty but now it has become quite overused by the left. It is their insidious response to anything and everything when questioned or challenged about their failed ideological agenda and policies. Heck, I bet that leftists shout out "Mega MAGA Republicans" late at night when they stub their toe heading to the bathroom. It has just become so ingrained into their brain. All one has to do is take the time to watch a press conference with House Minority Leader and anti-Semite Hakeem Jeffries and witness how many times he says "Mega MAGA Republicans."

Most recently, Jeffries blamed extreme MAGA Republicans for the piece of legislation to protect women's sports. In other words, if you support the idea that women athletes should compete against women -- not biological males -- then you are a Mega MAGA Republican, an extremist. Well, I think Jeffries and the Democrats are about to find out that they are making folks out to be something they are not. How can it be extremist to believe that women should not be forced to lose scholarships, or be in shower facilities, with biological males? Yes, making America great again does mean we stand up for Women's rights, especially Title IX. When did that become something that deserved to be targeted by a seemingly denigrating, demeaning, and disparaging label?


I suppose those of us who are hard-working individuals, who have done all the right things in building our credit rating, are now what White House mouthpiece Karine Jean-Pierre would call the MAGA wing of the Republican Party. Joe Biden has stupidly come up with a policy, unconstitutionally, that would redistribute mortgage payments. Yes, think about it, you have a strong credit score and earned your mortgage approval and rate. Now you are being told that you must subsidize the mortgage of those who have poor credit and assume financial responsibility for their mortgage. Hmm, haven't we been there before? Ah, yes, it was the dumb idea of Jimmy Carter and the Community Reinvestment Act which eventually led to a subprime lending (mortgage) crisis and a financial meltdown in 2008.

It is bad enough that Biden's foolish economic policies have led to record inflation. Inflation was 1.4 percent when Biden took office. The Fed has had to hike interest rates. The result of those interest rate increases has resulted in higher interest rates in the housing market. Now Biden wants Americans with strong financial responsibility to take responsibility for those who are not.

Perhaps you believe that woke policies of cultural Marxism have no place in our military, or our schools. You do not believe that the government should take your child away because you, the parent, do not consent to gender mutilation surgery. After all, it is against the law for a person under the age of 18 to get a tattoo. You want tougher policies against our No. 1 geo-political foe, China. And, you want America to be energy independent, not dependent upon our enemies.


Do you believe that you should be able to choose what type of car you want? Do you think you can choose what type of appliances you want in your home? Heck, could I just be left alone to choose the type of light bulb I want? Do you think we need to do something, finally, about a $32 trillion debt and curtail government spending?

Now, ready for it? If you disagree with these progressive socialist leftist policies then you are castigated as a Mega MAGA Republican extremist.

We keep hearing about “threats to Democracy” and that the Mega MAGA Republicans embody that threat. Well, MAGA Republicans are not the ones advocating for illegal immigrants to vote, nor voicing support for open borders. MAGA Republicans are not the ones advocating for stacking the Supreme Court in order to push a leftist ideological agenda. MAGA Republicans are not undermining the Electoral College, as the left is doing, by putting together a coalition called the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. 

But, you are going to hear more of this pejorative moniker from the Democrat Party because they believe it works.

And, “extremists?”

We just recently saw campus Republicans attacked by a mob at the University of Pittsburgh. They threw smoke bombs and wore masks over their faces to hide their identities. A leftist mob stormed the State Capitol in Tennessee. Leftists have shown no remorse for the victims of the Covenant Christian School shooting, three of the victims were 9 years of age. When have we witnessed a single Antifa member or leader be arrested? After all, we saw a planned and organized Antifa attack against a police training facility construction site in Atlanta. Countless businesses in Portland and elsewhere in America are shutting down and moving, due to extreme leftist domestic violence like we saw a week ago in Chicago. Jane's Revenge continues to target and attack pro-life advocacy centers with impunity. Heck, the Biden FBI sought to infiltrate the Catholic Church with the intent of spying . . . and this is not considered extreme?


I am sure Joe Biden will go into the rhetorical Mega MAGA Republican monologue incessantly in his campaign announcement, just as he did during that disturbing speech from Independence Hall last year. But, what is a Mega MAGA Republican? What is the so-called MAGA wing of the Republican Party? What is an extreme MAGA Republican? 

It is any and all of us who disagree with the policies of the progressive socialist left. Joe Biden was never about unity. Nope, the left is all about conformity. If you are not willing to conform or subjugate yourself, then you must be identified, isolated, targeted, and destroyed. The Saul Alinsky “rule for radicals.” 

We had a saying in the military, "You only take flak when over the target." My dad used to say, "Boy, a hit dog will holler." The louder the leftists holler and use these imbecilic references, it means you are being effective. When they yell and scream, press harder, be relentless. When they resort to name-calling, stay calm. If they seek violence, protect yourself, after all the Constitution gives you that right. 

Fight them smartly, not hardheaded. Study their tactics and techniques, and when appropriate, use sarcasm and ridicule as the Babylon Bee does so very well.

Therefore, I will be taking shots of lemonade this Tuesday every time Joe Biden says Mega MAGA Republicans in his reelection announcement. Someone should start a tracker for how many times Democrats say Mega MAGA Republicans, or variations thereof, for the rest of the year. We can have a series of toasts at the year’s end.


If you want to Live Free, you will disregard the childish rantings of the leftists. 

Steadfast and Loyal.



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