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This week is the 40th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, the landmark Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion in America. Since the decision, over 56 million innocent children have been aborted, an average of 3,835 lives per day. That’s worth repeating: Every day around 3,835 innocent lives are taken by abortion, higher than any other cause, and yet this sad fact is known by so few of the public or rarely reported by the media.


In contrast, consider the public attention brought to Adam Lanza’s shooting spree in Newtown, Connecticut just over a month ago that took the lives of 26 people, including 20 second-graders at Sandy Hook Elementary who left this earth way too early. The tragedy rightfully dominated public consciousness and the news for a week, and the aftermath is still being covered, as it should, as we attempt to discern how to reduce the incident of such attacks.

But should the tragedy of abortion be covered less than the tragedy of Newtown?

In terms of lives lost, the daily number of abortions equates to having almost 150 Newtowns every single day for an entire year for 40 straight years.

And yet there is no daily coverage of this fact. Why does Newtown shock us but not abortion?

Are the innocent lives taken by abortion not as equal, not as valuable to us?

Many would consider abortion an even greater tragedy as the child is not given a chance to live for even one moment on this Earth.

When over 100,000 Americans join the March for Life later this week in Washington, DC, as they do each year, why is it likely to receive so little public attention as it always does? This is despite it being the largest public rally in America almost every single year.


Would not the media intensely cover a 100,000 person march for gun control or mental health legislation that was inspired by Newtown? Of course they would.

Now to be fair, public consciousness has not been entirely absent on matters related to pregnancy. It did recently focus on the announcement by Prince William and Princess Kate that they are having a baby.

Note that all of the media coverage and public discussion of the announcement said that it is a baby, recognition that it is a human life, not merely a glob of tissue. They called it the Royal Baby, not the Royal Glob of Tissue.

If everyone recognizes that it is a baby in Princess Kate’s womb, is it not a baby for all pregnant women? For her being a royal does not change this matter of simple logic.

And if it is a baby, a human life, for all pregnant women, is not the destruction of human life in the womb of all women murder?

It must be.

So we have 3,835 murders via abortion per day on average since 1973, the equivalent of almost 150 Newtowns every single day, and yet we apparently have had more important things to talk about, to care about, like Royal Weddings and the fiscal cliff, all the while this genocide continues before our very eyes.


Will we be part of an indifferent generation?

If you believe in an afterlife and make it there, when you meet the 56 million children who have been aborted in the United States since Roe vs. Wade, what will you say to them when you meet each and every one of them eye-to-eye? Will you tell them you had more important things to be concerned about than their lives?

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