An Autopsy of the Impeachment Movement

Posted: Aug 19, 2019 4:00 PM
An Autopsy of the Impeachment Movement

Source: AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Democrats got catfished.

Robert Mueller was supposed to be a towering, commanding figure — the man whose hard-nosed investigative diligence would produce a tidal wave of momentum for impeachment. Democrats expected startling revelations from Mueller that would send Members of Congress clamoring to the House floor, crawling over each other to impeach President Trump. 

Instead, they found themselves squirming with disbelief, as an intellectually disheveled Mueller stumbled through answers, often appearing clueless about the claims made in his own report. 

The live-action Mueller Report was a flop. Democrats expected a blockbuster but found themselves wishing they could walk out of the theater.

For the American people, the ticket was non-refundable. Democrats wasted 22 months, spent $32 million of taxpayer money, and inflamed an already politically-divided nation. 

The American people still deserve answers. Our intelligence community was weaponized by political hacks, posing as top officials in our justice apparatus, who hated Trump. The FISA court was functionally hijacked by the DNC, which converted “salacious and unverified” political opposition research into a warrant to spy on American citizens. The now-infamous “Steele Dossier” was used repeatedly by the FBI in order to spy on the Trump Campaign, despite its lack of verification, and the proven bias of its author.

I asked Robert Mueller whether he could affirm that the Steele Dossier was not a part of Russia’s disinformation campaign. Mueller asserted this was not in his purview — even though the dossier was the lynchpin of this partisan witch hunt. I asked why Mueller declined to document in his report the fact that Democratic operatives met with Russian lawyer Veselnitskaya the day before and the day after the Trump Tower meeting. I asked Mueller why his team was riddled with bias, including agents and lawyers who pledged their allegiance to “the resistance.”

“Director Mueller,” I said, “when people associated with Trump lied, you threw the book at them. When Christopher Steele lied, nothing…when Glenn Simpson met with Russians, nothing. When the Trump met with the Russians? 3500 words. Maybe the reason there are these discrepancies in what you focused on is because the team was so biased and pledged to the resistance. And pledged to stop Trump.”

By the time the hearing ended, Democrats watched their star player come unglued under Republican members’ careful and methodical questioning. All Democrats could do was laud Mueller’s resume and seek — unsuccessfully — to salvage their public relations train wreck.  

The liberal media and Democratic operatives mourned the hearing in dramatic fashion: 

“This is very, very painful,” wrote a disheartened David Axelrod.

“Much as I hate to say it, this morning’s hearing was a disaster,” liberal pundit, Harvard law professor, and impeachment enthusiast Laurence Tribe tweeted.

“On optics, this was a disaster,” NBC host Chuck Todd lamented

The Democrats built their argument for impeachment on the back of Robert Mueller. It was a house of cards, and his testimony toppled it. 

But their thirst for impeachment is insatiable. Just this month, Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler announced that impeachment proceedings were underway. In their grief, Democrats had managed to resuscitate their precious efforts (if only to stave off primary challengers). They want something to show their constituents — something to justify all the time they have squandered on their impeachment fantasies. 

Why stop now? A captain must go down with his ship. Damn the torpedoes and the facts; full steam ahead!

When Democrats took control of the House, they promised new leadership. They claimed they would work to accomplish the work and will of the American people. That’s proven untrue, and instead, they continue beating the dead horse of impeachment. It’s like a bad sequel to “Weekend at Bernie’s.” 

Only 37 percent of voters want Congress to pursue impeachment. An overwhelming majority oppose it. 

House Democrats are perverting the Founding Fathers’ legitimate safeguards against the executive branch for political gain.  

Democrats will pay for their charade at the ballot boxes in 2020. Unfortunately, the American people are paying for it now. Time squandered on faux impeachment proceedings, pointless hearings with John Dean, and other time-wasting exercises do nothing to create jobs, reform immigration laws, fix our healthcare system, or put more money in American families’ pockets. 

As August recess draws to a close and Congress returns to Washington, House Democrats have one more chance to prove they can do more than suffocate the will of the American people. 

Don’t hold your breath.