Trump Supporters Understand What's At Stake in 2020 Election

Posted: Jul 15, 2020 12:01 AM
Trump Supporters Understand What's At Stake in 2020 Election

Source: Official White House Photo by Tia Dufour

It wasn’t the Leftists, Democrats, and establishment Republicans who elected Donald J. Trump as the 45th President of the United States. It was more than 63 million Americans who were tired of the business-as-usual uni-party in Washington, D.C.

President Trump was not elected to go along to get along with the inside-the-beltway intelligentsia who seem to control the direction of the country, regardless of who is in power. Trump was elected because of his reputation as a take-no-prisoners fighter, who would give it his all to return America to a place of prestige and power.

He wasn’t elected because he promised to be soft on border security and immigration issues – the way both parties have been for decades. He argued that America needed to preserve its borders, or it would cease to exist as a nation. He advocated for a border wall that would stretch from San Diego to the Gulf of Mexico. He promised that those who entered the country illegally would be removed, no matter when or how they came. 

The American public cheered his position, while the media, the Left, and the Republican elite clucked their tongues. Then they condemned Trump. Then the corrupt leaders of the judicial and intelligence communities investigated him. Then they went after those around him. Then the U.S. Congress attacked him. Then they impeached him. They lied to the American people, claiming publicly that he did things that they privately swore he never did. Then they sued him. 

They have tried to persuade him that their goofy, anti-American ideas were more acceptable to the American people because their own self-interested notions were more acceptable to them. They have tried to counteract President Trump’s uncanny intuition about the desires of the American people. They have tried in every way to undermine his efforts as president.

There is currently a group of “Republicans” who don’t like the president or the party platform, who are spending several million dollars to prevent the reelection of President Trump. They have indicated a willingness to lose the presidency, the Senate, and prevent Republicans from regaining the House. They claim it is better to burn it down than to endure one more term of President Trump.

Good luck with the Marxist form of government that will be ushered in under a Biden administration.

The Democrats and left-wing media also attack red states who have been trying to get back to business in the COVID era. They bemoan the increased positive test results, but don’t bother to put those into meaningful context. Why would they, when they are able to generate a panic and instability in our society and economy?

They would never mention that the hospitalization rate for COVID patients in Arizona has declined by over 100% in the last month. The mortality rate has also decreased by more than 100%. 

The spike in the number of tests administered is correlative to the increased positives. But, the fearmongers would never admit that the Arizona Department of Health Services data indicates that the highest hospital admissions in a single day was 99, on June 15, 2020. On that same day 136 COVID patients were discharged. And, the number of patients discharged over the past week averaged more than 400 per day.

The numbers cannot speak for themselves. Without context, the numbers lose their meaning and are manipulated. 

Some Republicans prefer to let the country be ruined by the Leftist policies that will define a Biden administration if their positions of power and wealth are restored under that form of government. I believe, however, that the 63 million Americans who supported this president in 2016 will understand the stark difference between the president and the contender and reelect Donald J. Trump.

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