Would NYTimes Charles M Blow Slam Jew’s Tzitzit?

Posted: Feb 24, 2012 1:37 PM


As the presidential election gets closer more and more anti-Mormon comments are coming out from some in the main stream media.  The latest example is the tweet a few days ago from New York Times reporter Charles M Blow who tweeted “Let me just tell you Mitt "Muddle Mouth":  I'm a single parent and my kids are "amazing"!  Stick that in your magic underwear. #CNNdebate” [emphasis added].  The tweet came during the last debate when Romney commented on the value of a two parent family.

But as BuzzFeed.com points out, many Jews also wear religious tzitzit under their garments.  This raises the question of whether Mr. Blow would have slammed Jews religious clothing if it were a Jewish politician that had made the same comment about traditional families.  As BuzzFeed points out, “It's difficult to imagine a Times writer making a similar joke about a Jewish politician.”

Romney responded when asked about Mr Blows tweet,” I guess we’re finding out for the first time that the media is somewhat biased."

Not the first time, and my guess is not the last.

This post was authored by Gwilym McGrew.