Rick Santorum loses his radio show as he edges toward 2012 run

Posted: May 28, 2011 7:49 AM
Rick Santorum is running for President.  It's not official yet -- he is planning some sort of announcement on June 6th -- but he's already been doing campaign trips and even participated in the Republican debate in South Carolina.

Santorum's campaign-esque moves already cost him his gig at Fox News.  Now it's going to cost him his job hosting the Bill Bennett radio show on Fridays.

Salem Radio Network which syndicates the Bill Bennett show gave the following statement to Politico:
“If he, in fact, does formally declare his candidacy for president we will no longer use him as a guest host on ‘Bill Bennett’s Morning In America,’” said Tom Tradup, vice president for news and talk programming at the Dallas-based Salem Radio Network, which produces and distributes the show.
If as expected, he announces his candidacy on June 6th, it would seem his last morning on the air will be Friday June 3rd.   The sign off at the end of those three hours should be worth listening to.