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Here are some other highlights and headlines that I noticed over at Ransom Notes Radio:

Melissa Harris Perry (MSNBC MSDNC) compared Rick Perry to those evil segregationist opponents who kept black kids from going to a white school… Pretty accurate comparison, until you point out that segregationist opponents were Democrats, and the black kids weren’t illegal immigrants. But yeah… Other than that...


Barack Obama is calling for Israel to comply with an unconditional surrender ceasefire. Is it too much to ask this administration not to channel Neville Chamberlin with such predictability? “Ceasefire in our time” is the new motto of the Kerry/Obama foreign policy doctrine.

(The Blaze)

Story: A man with a very dangerous (and contagious) form of TB is roaming the streets of California. Bigger story: the local news that reported on the story never mentioned that the man is an illegal immigrant. See, this is why we ask visitors to sign a guest book when they cross the border.


The new rally cry for Democrat fundraisers: Help us raise money to fight impeachment! Clearly, this is a sign of tremendous strength and solid governing tactics. Maybe that’s what Nixon did wrong all those years ago: He should have golfed and campaigned a bit more.

(Fox News)

Voters apparently have some buyer’s remorse when it comes to reelecting Barack Obama. I hate to say “I told you so”, but… I told you so.

(The Week)

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