Katie Pavlich

A bill being considering in the Arizona House of Representatives today aims to allow active duty military, those honorably discharged or those discharged honorably from the military to obtain a concealed weapons permit at the age of 19. Currently the age requirement for concealed carry in the state is 21. The bill requires the permit to be in a person's possession at all times when carrying a concealed weapon and must be presented if stopped in any capacity by law enforcement. Nineteen-year-old applicants must provide evidence of current military service or proof of honorable discharge from the United States military or state national guard.

Introduced by Republican Rep. Kelly Townsen, HB 2013 could lay the groundwork for other states to follow suit with lowing the age requirement for concealed carry permits. As every state in the Union has adopted some form of concealed carry, we've seen crime rates drop.

Arizona has been ranked the most gun friendly state by Guns & Ammo Magazine for two years in a row.

Katie Pavlich

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