Katie Pavlich
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On Saturday, Townhall reported the takeover of a Houston polling station by NAACP members who were potentially breaking the law by handing out water and advocating for President Obama. These allegations were made in a sworn statement given by poll watcher Eve Rockford. Shortly after our report, an investigation was launched against the NAACP for violating Texas election law.

But the investigation and the law aren't stopping the NAACP from continuing their actions.

Days after being accused of taking over a polling place and electioneering on behalf of President Obama, NAACP Houston officials said the organization would continue "doing our job" to protect voter rights.

"It's a shame that the NAACP Houston Branch and its volunteers are being attacked by a right-wing extremist group for being 'Good Samaritans,'" Carroll G. Robinson, chairman of the NAACP Houston Branch Political Affairs Committee, stated Tuesday in a media release. "The NAACP will continue to help elderly and disabled voters, as well as all other voters, exercise their right to vote."

The NAACP and the Houston Chronicle have been arguing for days that NAACP members were simply helping the elderly inside the polling place last week but in reality, the NAACP took advantage of "helping the elderly" in order to promote President Obama.

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Katie Pavlich

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