Katie Pavlich

The political fallout over Attorney General Eric Holder's bad decisions in the past three years, specifically surrounding Operation Fast and Furious, is only beginning. A new Rasmussen Report shows 40 percent of Americans want him gone while 46 percent see him unfavorably.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that just 27% of Likely U.S. Voters oppose Holder’s resignation. Forty percent (40%) are in favor of the attorney general stepping down, but another 33% are undecided.

Only 24% of voters have at least a somewhat favorable opinion of Holder, while 48% view him unfavorably. This includes eight percent (8%) with a Very Favorable view of the nation’s chief law enforcement officer and 32% with a Very Unfavorable one. Twenty-eight percent (28%) don’t know enough about Holder to venture any kind of opinion.

These numbers are significant. The 33% of "undecided" indicates a lack of knowledge about Holder's decisions (thank you lamestream media!), which Rasmussen also shows.

A substantial number of voters also are not familiar with the Fast and Furious controversy. Only 50% say they are following news reports about it at least somewhat closely, with 24% who are following Very Closely.

This helps explain why 11% of voters say the Fast and Furious operation was a success, while 45% think it was a failure. But 44% are not sure. Similarly, only 11% think the Justice Department has been honest with Congress about the operation, but 45% do not. Again, however, 44% are not sure.






Katie Pavlich

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