Katie Pavlich
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According to National Abortion Access, a non-profit organization dedicated to celebrating abortion, upholding partial birth abortion doctors like George Tiller and raising funds for women who want to have an abortion, donations made specifically to end the life of a child are "100% tax deductible."


Here are the reasons why NAA wants donations for abortion, listed on their website in reference to a recent bowl-a-thon fundraiser:

Because you know that the legal right to abortion is meaningless if you can’t afford to pay for it.
Because you’re pissed at the way health care reform has rolled back women’s rights.
Because you love being a part of building the movement for social and reproductive justice.
Because you’re a crack bowler who wants to strut your stuff.
Because you know: friends + abortion rights + rented shoes = the event of a lifetime!

Evil. This is an organization dedicated to encouraging women to use abortion as birth control. Abortion is not healthcare. Abortion should not be celebrated. Abortion should not be seen as an opportunity to "strut your stuff" in a pair of bowling shoes.

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Katie Pavlich

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