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UPDATE: 8:55 a.m. Libya's Transitional National Council is reporting Qaddafi has died from gun shot wounds to his legs.

Just days after Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited Libya, offering resources to the Libyan rebels, Muammar Qaddafi has reportedly been captured. More from Fox News:

"He has been captured. He is badly wounded, but he is still breathing," Mohamed Leith told AFP, adding that he saw Qaddafi himself and that he was wearing a khaki uniform and a turban.

Qaddafi was said to be wounded in both legs, according to Reuters, which said he was detained near Sirte.

Libyan TV channel Libya lil Ahrar also said that he was in custody.

However, the TNC's UK spokesman, Mahmoud Nacua, warned that there was "not enough information" to confirm Qaddafi's capture, and a former TNC spokesman in Britain, Guma al Gamati told Sky News that "this is not confirmed."

So what's next? Will he be given a civil trial? With the Obama Administration's track record, it wouldn't be surprising. Hopefully since the Libyan rebels captured him, the United States can stay out of his trial process and hand him over to the international community.

UPDATE: Apparently, the self-proclaimed "King of Africa" Qaddafi was hiding "like a rat" a hole, just like his sliming friend Saddam Hussein when he was captured.

Katie Pavlich

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