Elisabeth Meinecke

In this, Newt knows how to greatly appeal to conservatives. According to The Shark Tank, he suggested two popular figures for a GOP VP selection: Sen. Marco Rubio and Rep. Allen West.

"Gingrich, like Mitt Romney and Michele Bachmann before him, said that he would absolutely consider Rubio for the VP slot, adding  that he (Rubio) was on everyone’s short list. Gingrich has also recently stated that he would consider Congressman Allen West for the job."

Both are fantastic, though I've had conversations with the Townhall staff about if these men would serve better in roles that wielded more actual power, like a cabinet position. Having Rubio actually VOTE in the Senate, instead of just there for a tiebreaker, is not something to be lightly discarded. Also, I'd hate for either of them have to defend the policies of a GOP administration that will probably go soft at some point, looking at the track record of the candidates running.

But still, having Rubio or West featured front and center this summer in the GOP would definitely ease the pain of the 2012 field.

Elisabeth Meinecke

Elisabeth Meinecke is TOWNHALL MAGAZINE Managing Editor. Follow her on Twitter @lismeinecke.

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